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I have just bought a new, flat widescreen tv, a DVD recorder and got "freesat" from Sky. I have connected it all up using scart connectors, and all seems fine. Except for one thing:

If I want to record from Sky onto DVD, then I have to have the television on. Not just on standby - actually on.

If I turn it off, the DVD recorder records a whole bunch of blackness - until I turn the tv back on again.

There seems to be some "handshake" between the tv and the decoder which stops the decoder outputting a signal if it doesn't think someone's actually sitting there watching it.

Is this a feature?? If so, I will be taking the whole shooting match back to the shop - its the most absurd thing I've ever seen!

I sure hope I'm just being really really stupid.

Any and all advice very welcome



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I had this when I first connected up my new panny e55 and it was doing my head in. I originally ended up copying stuff off the harddrive with the tv left on for a couple of hours :blush: :eek:

So try this set up :-

Sky plus (or sky whichever you have) tv out to dvd recorder av2
dvd recorder av1 to tv av1.

Set Sky and DVD Recorder to RGB.

Now that should work (I'm not sure because the setup I have is sky plus and not sky). However don't use the "power" button on the sky handset to turn the tv off as this cuts out the sound as well.

Give that a go and see what happens, if it doesnt work then you havent lost anything in trying!

Good luck.

Boy Lex

This could be the 'TV' button on the Sky remote. If you turn the telly off by pressing 'TV' then power, always make sure you press 'Sky' after.

For some bizarre reason, if you are connected via RGB and you press the 'TV' button, the signal switches to composite only. When you press 'Sky' it switches back to RGB. If your DVD-R is set to RGB (like mine) then when you press 'TV' it goes black.

Pretty sure this will be the problem.


Hi guys
Thanks for the responses - will try these out just as soon as I get my house back! (We have builders in at the moment)

Will post results...

Thanks again - glad it's not just my freaky system!


I've just encoutered this same problem with a Daewoo 4150. Tried David's solution but that meant if I was watching a DVD I couldn't flick over to Sky on the TV remote without stopping the DVD.

What seems to work for me is this:

TV AV2 → DVD Recorder EURO AV1

Now on the remote Sky comes up as AV1, and DVD Recorder as AV2 and I can record from Sky without leaving the TV switched on all night!

Good Luck!


Just found a problem with my previous post - now can't record from the rf input... Why is nothing simple?!

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