Signal sharing with TiVo 500gb and v6 boxes


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I have a virgin TiVo 500gb box which is giving pixel breakdown. If I ask for a replacement I don’t know whether to ask for the newer and more attractive v6 box or type I have, another 500gb box. My dilemma arises because using the 500’s scart outlet I can via a VH89W programmable universal modulator ( from Maplins) distribute, by rf cabling, either the virgin programme or freeview channels to the other tv’s in the house. But the v6 box doesn’t have a scart outlet. It’s only outlet is hdmi.
So I thought I could buy a hdmi splitter and a hdmi to scart converter and using the existing 500 box’s hdmi outlet and the scart inlet to my VH89W modulator simulate the v6 box set up and achieve the signal sharing set up I have at present.
But it failed, the splitter maintained the signal to the host ( in the lounge) tv, the set up maintained the free view signal to the other TVs but the virgin signal was not transmitted to the other TVs, the sound did transmit for a few seconds but there was no picture.
As my knowledge of resolution/format compatibility is poor can anyone tell me if my intent is achievable or must I stay with the 500 box type in order to achieve signal sharing. I know that sharing with the v6 box may be possible with a more expensive (£100+) modulator but I’m not prepared to take the risk at that price and would prefer to stay with 500 box arrangement.
The items I bought and tried are a Techole HS306 1x2 hdmi splitter and a Neoteck NTK001 hdmi to scart scaler video convertor.
Since posting this thread I’ve done the following tests which still leaves me baffled.
With hdmi signal from TiVo box to host tv and scart signal from TiVo box to other TVs via the rf programmer every thing is satisfactory.
If the hdmi signal is sent via the hdmi/scart to the host tv scart input the result on the host tv is satisfactory and the same as the hdmi to hdmi route but if the scart cable is transferred from host tv input to the rf programmer input the other TVs fail to get picture or sound! So I conclude that there’s something different in the hdmi signal that the rf programmer does accept, but I don’t know what to do to correct it. Can anyone help?
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