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Signal Problems with Pioneer DBRTF100

Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by edhg, May 23, 2005.

  1. edhg


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    I have a rather strange signal problem with my freeview box which doesn't seem to be weather related. At times it is fine and I can receive all the channels (including C5), but most of the time I can only get some of the channels (no C5). However, increasingly I am finding that I am only getting the BBC channels and nothing else.

    I can't seem to figure out what is going on. I have taken out cables, moved them around, turned things off etc but to no avail - the channels just won't come back. Given that I can sometimes see all the channels, I don't think it is aerial related. The weird thing is, is that if the hall light (next to the living room) is switched on, or my gf uses her hairdryer, I lose the ability to see the TV channels at all. It's driving me nuts!

    My Set up
    I have the digibox plugged into the TV via a qed scart cable and an optical link into my 640RDS yamaha receiver (on which it sits). I also have a Tosh 220 DVD and Sony VHS player, all on top of each other; with KEF 2005 speakers on top of the tv.

    If anyone has any idea as to what is causing this, I'd appreciate your thoughts

    many thanks

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