Signal Problems, PLEASE HELP!


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Ive just bought a new freeview recorder box as I had one of the brands that people commonly talk about on forums as being terrible and thought it time to invest in a better one.
Since getting this new box I am struggling with my signal. I can receive all digital channels and view these. but my box keep freezing on the menus as well as the tv feed. the tech support have said we have a poor signal and the signal information on the box says 98% poor. which doesnt make any sense at all! how can 98% be poor! We are nealry in the city centre of Glasgow and dont see how we can have a poor signal. we are in a block of flats and obviously this effects things a bit. Can anyone help make sense of this? our postcode is g5 0be if that helps.



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A strong signal can be a poor one. It can be over amplified, have ghosting or lots of other issues. Perhaps interference from somewhere. If your older box was working on the same signal without problems though maybe this new box has a faulty tuner possibly. If your using a booster why not remove it and see if that helps matters. Perhaps your older box was very insensitive to the signal and needed boosting but your new box doesn't.

What is your analogue picture like on the tv? A nice clean image? Do you get much interference like ignitiion interference from cars or motorbikes?

What was your old freeview box and what make and model is the new one?


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Old box was a thomson and new one is a sagem so is a better piece of kit. tv doesnt to analogue but the freeview signal through tv not box is fine.

Not using anything different appart from a new (more expensive and generlly better) box and this is going through hdmi rather than scart as the old one was.
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