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Hoping for some advise. My setup is quite basic as follows:-
  1. Sony STR-dn 1080 - main hub that everything switches through, 4k with dual hdmi out (2nd hand form here)
  2. Sony KD65XH9005BU (1 month)
  3. Epson EH-TW650 (16 months, 2nd hand form here)
  4. X-Box One X scorpio (1 month, 2nd hand form here)
  5. Virgin media
  6. Nintendo Wii
Last year I upgraded #3 (projector) from an older 720p to this one 1080, and started having a lot of issues with images and picture. So I upgraded the projector cable (10m run) to a hk UHD 2b one Amazon product which fixed the issues - woohoo.

Last Dec I upgraded my TV to a TCL, loved it so decided to upgrade the xbox (but then the TCL died and has been replaced), this is when my troubles started, when watching films on the projector it keeps dropping / losing hdmi input:
  1. Swapped the xbox cable as I had an old generic 1.4 on there - fixed for the evening
  2. Rebooted xbox fixed for the evening
  3. Updated sony amp firmware, fixed for the evening
Gave up tonight with projector and watched on tv, all fine - getting rather annoying, and don't know what to do next, and as I now have 4k tv / media player I'm looking at projectors, but if I can't even get solid 1080p then?!

I have to lean toward the new xbox being the source of issues, and I've read quite a lot of messages with people having these drop outs via google searches and everyone says cables.

Open to ideas, as getting very frustrated now.

Joe Fernand

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One option to try is toggling the AVR HDMI Output between A and B rather than the usual default of A+B - assuming the AVR gives you that option.

Also try alternating which HDMI Input on the Projector you are using.

For anything longer than 8m we always use a Fibre HDMI - no mater if it is a 1080p or 2160p signal.

The Xbox can be a challenge so not surprised that is the device in your system you are having issues with.

Ensure all of your devices are running up-to-date firmware.



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Thanks Joe, don't seem to have that option, would have to zone it which is no good as sharing speakers. I'm going to try a fibre optic 10m hdmi cable to see if it helps. So random, will work fine one day then the next lose signal every 10 mins. Not convinced it's xbox though as did the same through virgin media box over the weekend, but all used to run without issue before upgrading tv and xbox (yet PJ is showing effects?!)


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So I bought a 10m fibre HDMI, 2 nights no issues at all, then wham, 3rd night back to signal drop outs - hair pulling time :(
PS Sony amp firmware updated, PJ firmware updated, everything else new cables and uptodate :( BIG SIGH!


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So, just about played with every option on the amp and still had problems... UNLESS i left the TV on?!! Really lost now :(

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