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I have a problem with getting digital signal on one of our TVs. It is slightly complex so please bear with me.

We have two rooms with LCD TVs.

The downstairs room has a Sharp 32" TV with built in Freeview. It also has a cable running from a Sky dish. We have a Sky box and only use it for basic services - we don't buy any channels and if I can get the Sharp working properly the only thing we will use Sky for is someobscure kids channels not on Freeview.

This room has, what I understand, a standard Sky installation which consists of the Sky signal being distributed via a mast head amplifier to the other rooms in the house allowing a bedroom to watch whatever channel the Sky box is tuned to. As a result,I understand, the standard terrestrial siignal is also transmitted around the house the same way. That is the signal comes to this room and is then amplified to a loft mounted distribution amp.

In the upstairs room we have a 42" Toshiba with Freeview.

When I dismantled the Sky system to fit the Sharp downstairs the signal to the Toshiba upstairs disappeared. This confirmed that the signal to the Toshiba upstairs was coming from the system downstairs. Once the Sharp was installed the signal to the Toshiba was sorted and it has been fine ever since.

The problem is that the digital signal to the Sharp downstairs is broken and unwatchable. I've retuned the Sharp twice and am now getting a warnignsignal on BBC channels that there is no signal avialable. Occassionally it springs into life with sound and a broken picture. Other channels are much better both in terms of picture and sound although they do occassionally break up. I've just run up through the channels and it only appears to be BBC1, 2, 3 & 4 which don't work!!

We live in the south east of Scotland and are in the overlap between two transmitters.

We only have one terrestrial aerial on the house so all Freeview signals are coming through the same source.

Any idea why I am getting a crap signal on the Sharp and the Toshiba is fine?
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Do you have channels in the 800s stored on the Sharp? If so they're likely to be from the correct transmitter that your aerial points to and the poor ones are from a weaker alternative transmitter (strong enough to be detected and stored but not good enough to be reliably watched).

You'll need to clear them all out and do a manual tune Digital UK - Postcode checker will provide the frequencies and basic instructions on how to.

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