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Hello all,

I have been looking in the argos catalogue and at tlc direct website and seen many booster products for improving the signal etc. The question is are these any good?

I am aiming to get a splitter in my living room so that I can watch a freeview channel and record a terrestrial channel and vica versa. Would it be better to get a splitter that boosts the signal rather than a 99p job from the back of the market?

Also I am looking for aerials for DAB, FM and Freeview. However indoor ones would be preferable. Can a good indoor one be as good as an external?

And finally, the flat I am moving in too has 6 flats in the building. Is it likely that there is one cheap aerial on the roof with the signal split into 6? The saying 'your picture and sound is only as good as your weakest link' keeps playing on my mind. And any amount of money I spend on expensive cabling will be wasted if the current aerial and cable runs from the aerial are substandard. I am assuming that no matter what quality cable I have running from the wall socket, if the cable running from the aerial is rubbish so will the tv picture be.

If the landlord is to allow me to put a freeview aerial up would I be best to buy the aerial and cable myself to make sure they are of the best standard, and just have someone in to install it?

Sorry for so many questions,

James :)

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