Signal boosters in conjunction with indoor amplified aerials



Have freeview TV finally got set up with amplified indoor aerial, temp renting property so dont really want to change non digital outdoor aerial setup.
Seem to have reasonable strength signal but can this be boosted with a signal booster or do they only work with non amplified signal, if that makes sense.

Any advice appreciated


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I've read in other forums where two amplifers have been used in series on weak signals, so I can't see a problem.


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You don't need to worry about signal strength too much, it's signal quality that's important. Both my STBs show strength around 60%, but quality is 100%.

If the quality is showing as 100%, adding a booster to increase strength won't improve the picture.


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I have two ariels, one on the roof feeding the main TV and twin tuner PVR, no amplifier and it works great. The a wideband ariel in the loft with a 4 way TV ariel amplifier. Without the amplifier we couldn't get freeview with it we can, signal strength is about 45-55% but quality is 80% plus and I have 3 freeview units running off it with no problems.

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