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Sides of image are incorrect in color...help



Hi all. I'm having trouble finding an answer to this problem and I've been looking all over the net. Hopefully someone can help. I own a NEC VT670. I purchased it barely used 2 years ago. At first, one side of the image (we're talking about 4" on a 135" screen) seemed to be tinted green. Last night I replaced my bulb. Powered it up, now I have a red band on the side of the screen. I was extremely careful in dismounting (from the ceiling) and installing the bulb. My guess is that one or more of the 3 lenses are off. The image itself is perfect. There is no mis-alignment of the image itself. So I'm speaking of those 3 adjustable lenses. Can this be the problem? The screws were tight enough that I doubt there was any shift just by replacing the bulb. I included a pic. It also appears theat the left side of the image has the same problem only in green... Any help is greatly appreciated...THANKS!!


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Looks like convergence issues i think it is either that or one of the 3 panels is failing..does it just have a 1 yr warranty. Might be cheaper to get another pj fixing can be a lot more than its worth. :rolleyes:


Thanks for the reply! But if it was a convergence problem, wouldn't I see image offset? The picture is perfect except for the side edges... I can't be the only one with this problem...

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