Side speakers in "difficult" living room


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I'm planning for a 5.1-system currently but could use your help.

Here are some photos of my living room:
My living room

What's the best placement of side speakers in my case, and which type of speakers should it be? (my local Dynaudio-speaker recommends bipole/tripole speakers when sitting close to the side speakers, which my girlfriend and I are going to be in my living room, I think. Specifically he recommends using Monitor Audio Silver FX. However then I will be using speakers of a different brand compared to my front Dynaudio Excite x32 speakers, and in another thread I received the advice to stick with the same brand for all speakers which in my case would mean to get some Dynaudio Excite x12's for side speakers.)

What would you do?

Thank you for your help :)


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Looking at that the rear left would be Ok as a normal speaker since you could get it away from the sofa towards the corner of the room however the right would be quite close which may be a problem. Ideally you want all the speakers to be the same make and model but if they do not do a dipole/bipole speaker in the range that you have for fronts then you may need to compromise on that. Given the layout some bipole speakers on the rear wall either side of the sofa is probably your best option.

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