Side Effects of MSG

Ok, now, I'm not one of those hysterical hippies who claims that WiFi gives me head aches and MSG is literally Satan's Salt but I'm got a question about MSG.

I bought a 2Kg bag of pure Chinese MSG (E621) off Amazon. I added some to a meal last night. Lovely, did as expected, added a punch of umami to my pasta sauce.

Now, an hour later, let's just say, the meal left me a little earlier than I'd have liked.

I've googled side effects of MSG but can't see "laxative" as a common side effect.

Does anyone know if this is known side effect and is there a safe upper limit as to how much I should add to my food?


Most oral laxatives take 6-12 hours to take effect so I think it's more likely it was something you ate a lot earlier.

A Google search suggests side effects normally only occur if you take a teaspoon full on it's own. A daily intake of up to 3g, in food, shouldn't have any effects. Assuming I'm reading it right.

How much did you put in?
I hadn't eaten all day before my evening meal and my wife and I ate the same thing except she didn't add the MSG. Perhaps it's a sensitivity but I've eaten crazy stuff in Asia and never had issues.

Deffo didn't add a teaspoon, way less.


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I'm with IG, I think it's probably something else that's caused the issues.
After decades MSG still seems to get a bad press for all sorts of things all of which seem to be unfounded.

This is an article I bookmarked a long while ago. It's quite long but it's a good read...



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I'm asthmatic and foods with large amounts of MSG can tighten my chest and I go bright red with my face feeling very hot.


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I've never intentionally seasoned anything with MSG. The first time I really noticed it was with food from a Chinese carry out near me. Rarely go for Chinese. Asked the owner the next time I was there about it and he told me they used MSG in a lot of meals. Made me the same thing without it and I was fine. Didn't notice any difference with the taste either. Get it occasionally when eating out and I start to feel my breathing getting heavier and face getting hotter.
Am asthmatic, so don't know if that amplifies the effects.


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After decades MSG still seems to get a bad press for all sorts of things all of which seem to be unfounded.
My mother saw it as the devils own dust driven by the hysterical write ups back in the 80s. So I kept it out of my own cooking for years. But I figured with the drinking, smoking and fatty foods how much worse could MSG be for me :)

So I started using it again and no issue.
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