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The last non smart phone I had was a nokia N70 and it was amazing, since then I've put up with an entourage of useless "smart" phones.

My last smart phone was a HTC desire (which of course overheated and broke). I was given a Nokia 6700 by my girlfriends son who of course doesn't want it because it's old.

The desire has arrived back from repair but I'm sticking with the nokia 6700 for the following reasons:

1) The battery life is 10 times better
2) The camera is infinitely better
3) The video, despite only being 640 x 480 is infinitely better.
4) It doesn't crash like the desire does.
5) It's small and has real buttons i can text on

It's a sad state of affairs when people resort to old dated technology but I for one find the whole smart phone industry a big con. Other than a big screen what are we actually getting that's better, excatly nothing because everything is worse.

As soon as smart phones came out build quality went out the window. It even makes me sound old by saying "they don't make them like they used to", but I'm afraid it's true they are either plagued with bugs that never get fixed or they are built like origami. How many people here can remember the last time their Nokia broke? They never did break, ever! The battery on my old 3210 used to last 10 days, yes 10 days!

Nokia maps works fine on this 6700 I can tether its internet connection and it does it faster than the desire. It has real buttons to press for texting, It really does do everything I need.

I would be interested to see if anybody else here has gone oldskool aswell.
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I'm with you here but for slightly different reasons - my phone (also a Desire S) is mainly used for the net and then texting or calling. I've been part of the move towards smartphones (K800i -> N82 -> 5800 -> Desire S) and have loved each one for different reasons.

However, with the Desire S, I feel I've reached the end of the road. Good phone but (like you) the battery life and crashing issues ("fixed" twice in 8 months) are real issues. I don't like apps and have turned the syncing/updating/annoying weather guide off for everything on the Desire S to try and keep the battery going but then feel like I'm nowhere near using it enough. Ironically when my phone's been off to the repair shop, I've rescued my 5800 from the desk drawer and not missed much about it (apart from that lovely big screen and nice internet connection/page rendering).

Come upgrade time, it's going to be a drop down to the mid-level smartphones for me I think. I want to have my phone go more than a couple of days without charging and want to feel I'm using it as much as I can - and without paying loads for it.

I know the nice screen and internet access with probably be a miss but one advantage of dropping down to the non-high end market is that the phones tend to be a lot older and thus have issues with build quality or firmware fixed (see the new Nokia phone is waiting for an update which will improve the power management - how was the phone allowed to be released with this problem!? - and this isn't the only example!)

Incidentally, my brother and girlfriend both disagree with me completely on this - they're app mad and have no issues plugging in every night for battery charging, so I've always thought I was in a small minority here...obviously there is at least one other!


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because it's a discussion board and it would be a bit boring if everyone liked everything and it had no faults :facepalm:

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I personally love them. I wouldn't be without mine. I agree about battery life but that's a trade off IMO given every other function i have and use every day.

horses for courses i guess.



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Yeah I also agree on the battery life issue. Mine basically has about 3 hours worth of constant use, which is awful. But I use this phone loads more because it does so much more. I can check when the tube is coming, control the music around my house, record tv shows when I'm out of the house, control the alarm system, ping videos straight to my tv, use this forum on the go with the app, read news stories tailored to what I like. Thats all good.

Battery technology just needs to keep up, then I'll be super happy. I carry 2 spares with me, cost about 5 quid on eBay. At least we have that option with Android, can't even change batteries on iPhone.

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