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Sick of Plasma - back to LCD (Sony KLV40S400A)

Jim Pixel

Active Member
Hi guys,, it's been all of maybe 12 months since I last posted in this forum, although I did pass by quite a few times without logging in, just to read some posts. My excuse,, I've been working - too much...!!!

2 years ago I bought a JVC LT32xxxxx 32" LCD TV and loved it, even though it wasn't the best all-round performer, it gave a brilliant picture (well I thought so anyway). Earlier this year, my brother decided to go to the latest 50" Panasonic plasma and asked me if I wanted his 42" Panasonic plasma. Having seen this TV at his place, and it looked OK, I thought - yeah why not...!!! Even though it was just a SD job, it still looked good from about 20 ft in the lounge room at home. At this point it was always destined for my bedroom but until I could figure out how to spread all my AV gear around, I left in the lounge for all to view. Brothers' wife fell in love with 42" (TV that is...!!!) and when I finally took it into my room she was a tad upset... Putting this TV in my room was the biggest mistake I made in my TV life. Either SD is not good enough, or 42" is far too big, or both - for my room. While I am at the computer (this one I post from now), I am about 5 foot away from the screen (1.5m) and the pixels are just blowing my eyes out everytime I look at it. If I lay back on my bed, it's not too bad at all, but where I am right now, the pixels appear to be as big as rocks. I've endured this for 6 months now, and I just figrued out that I am getting massive headaches next morning, everytime I watch this TV and sit here at my computer for up to 7 hours a night, every night of the week. When I am not watching at this clode-a-distance, I don't get the headaches. It has taken me all this time to figure it out...

Well, I decided to get back with the program, so to speak... I had been looking around for a TV with better resolution. I decided that 42" in the bedroom spoils me like rotten, just like being in a cinema with the surround gear, so I had to stick with 42" or thereabouts.

Was it to be plasma or back to LCD...???

Only one way to find out. Go and look at them in the shops... Since the 32" LCD I last had, plasma's have come a long way in the resolution steaks and I was quite shocked to see just how good some of them were,,, BUT,,, I had to also consider the size and cost. At the shop, I looked and looked and the asian sales guy almost gave up on me while I viewed and compared. I told him if I found a good one I would one I would be in on Saturday to "maybe" buy one... I was quite baffled at the huge range I had to choose from and I didn't really want to go overboard with HD, magic this and magic that, so I limited my criteria down to the best bang per buck. I am always telling others on a budget to do it this way, so I had to now practise what I preached.

I wound up settling on a Sony KLV-40S400A LCD job as the pick of the bunch... It didn't quite have the brilliance as some higher spec TV's but the price was spot on and what I got for that price looked terrific,, so I actually bought it and even though I went down in size by 2 inches, 40" and and a higher resolution picture will more than likely increase the viewing pleasure no end. The sales guy's eyes really lit up when he found out I was actually buying it, and not just speculating as I originally went into the shop to do, and I got a discount and extended warranty thrown in for free...

I am sure I will now really enjoy the viewing again, but I wont install until the weekend. Why??? Because I can't be stuffed after a hard days slog (I am a builder by profession). Why didn't I wait until Saturday??? Hey, you guys know what it's like buying a new TV, don't you - blood rush, fast heartbeat, slobbering all over the place etc...!!! That,, plus I have a motorcycle and the lads are going for a ride come Saturday and even though I said I was going to look at TV's, I decided to get the best of both worlds and hit the hills with the lads and come home to the Sony...

I have not bothered too much with the latest MDMI specs because most of my other accessories, like DvD recorders, Sat TV, and AV system are not up there either so I simply accepted a slightly less than a "state of the art" TV to replace the plasma AND I don't have any BluRay stuff either.

In short,, I missed LCD's and even though I was surprised at how far plasma's have come, I still think that LCD is my pick. They just still look a bit better, certainly in this size range. The other thing too is how much cheaper LCD's are now compared to plasma's. At the time I bought the JVC LCD 32", a couple of years ago, I could buy the same 42" Panasonic plasma that I now have, for the same price. Now, good 32" LCD's are about a third the cost of a good 42" plasma.

I feel very happy...

Oh Yeah... When I said to my brothers wife that the Panasonic plasma TV is coming back out into the lounge room and pointed to the large box in the corner with SONY labelled all over it, the eyes lit up, so the whole household is happy tonight...

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