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Sick of out of sync audio!

a l e x

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What's the best way to sort audio delay issues? Watched Pitch Perfect with the gf tonight and it was doing my head in!

I thought it was the amp causing issues but when playing through the TV speakers it was just as bad or worse! How is best to sync?

Also, it's a lot more noticeable with different films... What's the deal with that?!

Any help appreciated, I'm pulling my hair out!



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agreed, i can spot it being out by quite small amounts and once i've noticed it i can barely continue watching.

If the picture lags behind the sound then of course most AV Amps can correct that with their audio delay feature (if yours does indeed have it).

But if its the other way around I don't think there's much you can do about it other than engaging unwanted picture processing modes (noise reduction, scaling, de-interlacing etc) that will add a slight delay to the picture.
Even then, some units automatically add audio delay when such modes are engaged to compensate.

I remember the first 2 generations of Pioneer DVD players (I had the DV505) all exhibited an audio delay of their own. I had to sell the player for that reason alone.

a l e x

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Thanks for the reply.

If it was the same delay on all films then I'd understand but it seems to differ between discs! I tried to alter with the delay on amp but hard to get it to match.

I'm half tempted just to buy a new player and hope that would sort it... If that didn't then the TV goes out the window!


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These days I wouldn't blame any one unit in your system so swapping players will likely have little effect, or just might make different films appear out of sync. It's most likely a combination of a tiny sync errors in each device (source, player, amp, display) that add up and become noticeable to you.

Also, it's worth noting that a lot of films have dialogue replaced in post production and sometimes it's not perfectly in sync on the disc.

Fiddling with settings can help, but I don't think you'll ever reach a point where every film you play will have sound and picture perfectly in sync in every scene.

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