Question Sicario Dolby Atmos Blu Ray only playing Dolby Digital 5.1


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Hello all

Bit of a novice here, I recently had my lounge done and as part of this, had 2 drivers installed in my ceiling for Dolby Atmos 5.1.2. See link below for that thread:

My Simple yet functional Atmos living room

I only have 3 Atmos Blu Rays at the moment - American Sniper, Sicario and Mad Max Fury Road.

Both American Sniper and Mad Max play Atmos fine - AVR displays 'Dolby Atmos' and sure enough he 2 ceiling drivers come alive with effects. It is amazing!
However Sicario will not play in Atmos. The cover and disc clearly shows it is an Atmos disc and movie menu allows me to select Dolby Atmos playback. When playing the movie though, it will only play Dolby Digital. Have played with the settings on AVR but nothing.

I noticed a difference in the way the covers are designed. Both American Sniper and Mad Max have the 'Dolby Audio' and 'Dolby Atmos' emblem on the back of the case. Sicario has 'Dolby Digital' and then 'Dolby Atmos'.

Does anybody know what causes this? anybody have a similar experience with other Blu Rays?

My Blu Ray player is the Sony BDP-S5200 and AVR is the Pioneer VSX-930.



Moved from Steelbook section mate, that forums just about posh wrappings of the disc.;)


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Have you tried pressing the SURR button on the remote when the disc is playing ?

It’s only in case the receiver is stuck in a different surround mode instead of decoding the Atmos info coming from the player.


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Yep I have tried SURR. Tried many things even went into the MCACC settings to ensure it was all set up as 5.1.2 for Atmos and not SPEAKERS B.

As soon as one oft he other discs goes in and plays its Atmos as it should be. Sicario does not even look like a fake disc or anything...


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Maybe change the audio during playback to something like the Late Night Listening Mode and then re-select Atmos from the Pop Up Menu.

When you press the Audio option on your Sony remote what does the display show, and does it allow you to select Atmos that way ?

Here are the choices on my Panny:


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