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It looks like soon Sky HD will be offered to subscribers in Continental Europe. I already pre-registered, but I'm starting to read bits of information that Premiership games will not be broadcasted on Sky HD for the entire 2006/2007 season...which is a show stopper for me.

Anyone to comment on it?


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I would be very surprised if BSKYB offered any of their services beyond the UK and ROI unless they were sold as a package to another nations broadcaster and showed under their banner using their encryption.


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If the info on that webpage is correct then it says 88 games which is exactly the same as the UK offering. This is not counting Premier plus ppv games.


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machu said:
What was the point of your reply Starburst if it didn't contain a single word on the subject? Just to make you happy:

Perhaps I was offering a subtle warning into spending money on a SKY product that is not officially backed by BSKYB.

Thanks for the link, it shows that this is company selling BSKYB hardware and subscriptions outside the market BSKYB is contracted to show content (UK and ROI). The use of English and Euro pricing points to the main market being the significant British populations in other EU countries.

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