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Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by jonmale, Oct 21, 2002.

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    OK hi all and thanks in advance! I have a new shuttle ss51g (has AC97 audio) and was hoping someone else has one of these who can tell me how to get dvd genie (v4.01) with power dvd (v3.0) to recognise the spdif out: information from power dvd is as follows:-

    "Hardware Information :
    Processor: Intel
    3DNow! Technology : Not Detected
    Enhanced 3DNow! Technology : Not Detected
    IA MMX Technology : In Use
    IA Streaming SIMD Extensions : In Use
    Video Accelerator : Not Detected
    Multispeakers Audio Device : Not Detected
    SPDIF Output Device : Not Detected" aaaarrrrgghhh!!!

    any ideas greatly appreciated!!! otherwise I gonna disable the s/c and install a audigy wich I know works as in my old PC! (I am using a samsung DVD/RW combo sm08 with region free bios update)

    Also I am thinking of getting an ATI 8500 64 mb all in wonder best price so far 105.00 - bear in mind the shuttle is only 4x AGP so would this be the best card to get for TVout/tuner/DVD etc???

    thanks again!

    Jon email [email protected]
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    I've had problems with PowerDVD recognising the video acceleration and multichannel audio, but it doesn't necessarily mena you have a problem.

    Have you set the audio playback to be S/PDIF in Windows Control Panel? You may then need to close and reopen PowerDVD. In PowerDVD's Configuration|audio tab, you should then be able to select the S/PDIF passthrough.

    I have recently had terrible problems with this in WinXP Home - did have it running and it suddenly stopped (ok, I was tinkering with other stuff at the time). I haven't been able to get it running again - had to set the WinDVD/PowerDVD output to Analogue sound card, and only got Prologic out. I've reverted back to wobbly old Win98, but at least I have S/PDIF passthrough working, and DD/DTS out of my av amp!

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