Shuttle pc



i've decided i want to build a high spec athlon shuttle pc,

Where is the best place to buy a shuttle pc from

what about that, is it good? Does it have AGP port? i need it fairly cheap,

For under £300 i want

Shuttle pc with fair motherboard,
Athlon cpu 2600+ (or simular)
256/512MB RAM
Above average graphics and sound card,
Network card to connect to me ADSL network (or obvisoly onboard)

( i will use current CD/RW, and HDD )

Anything else i need to think about?

Thanks for all your help, i hope to buy it in the next 2 weeks. It will also need to be very quiet as i have it on all the time.

I am very greatful for any help anyone can provide


Big Adam

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For the sake of a few quid, I would avoid ebuyer and head over to

Whilst they cannot offer you the kind of stack-it-high-sell-it-cheap prices that ebuyer do, Kustom do offer an excellent friendly service with customer support and service that is unsurpassed. They are frequently placed in the top three of online PC retailers which is pretty amazing considering they are relatively small but they do get a lot of support from their forums!!

As for the Shuttle as your choice of HTPC, well you could do much worse but be aware that straight out of the box, the Shuttle is not the quietest of machines. Newer versions have a quieter (and more powerful) power supply so aim for this. Even so, you will still probably want to swap the stock 80mm cooling fan for a quieter version. Kustom stock lots of suitable candidates such as the Acoustifan or SilenX range. The swap is very easy as is building the PC itself.

The main advantage of the Shuttle (in my opinion) is it’s ICE heatpipe cooling system which is unbelievably efficient and able to cooling high end CPUs with relatively low airflow.

Kustom can sell you all the components you need and will probably offer you a good price on a complete system.

Big A


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Kustom will also be able to advise on what components can be used with the Shuttle model you decide on. I've used them a couple of times and can confirm they are a good company to deal with.


Brilliant then i will go for them even though i may have to wait 2 months.

Sorry i cannot find the shuttle pcs on there site, if anyone could point me in the right direction

I have send them an email regarding what im interested in.


ok i have now decided on a make and model

i want the shuttle SN45 and have been chatting to the nice man at Kustom pcs.

Can i ask, when i can the computer and install the RAM, chip and Graphics card, Does it detect the graphics straight away?

It has no onboard VGA.

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