Shure e4c's. Out jogging, tripped, got up and stepped on the lead. Help/advice needed


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So I'm out jogging along the local bike path when I catch a bit of dog mess and loose my footing.

I hit the floor, and the lead of my e4c's safely pulls out of the player without damage. Shame I didn't see that as I get up. Suddenly I feel a sharp pull on the top of my ears and out pops the ear phones while leaving the ear buds where they were.

Bugger, I known what's happened and there is my foot innocently looking the other way while casually assaulting the jack on the end of the lead.

After the other leg gives the ASBO foot a good kicking for picking on the 3 and a halver, I pull out the buds, re-attach and plug in.

The right channel is faint, really faint but noise is still coming through. Left channel is fine.

Examining the right ear phone, no damage appears to be done so I look at the centre what-ever-you-call-it bit that joins the two leads to one. I can see the Shure logo. This may not be relevent to you, but for me this is a big warning sign. Normally I only see the patent pending bit when I wear the buds. The leads have reversed themselves, which I know is impossible so conclude that the leads have done an Italian and turned 180 when the foot started its assault.

Firmly squeezing this whatever-it's-called joint bit with the fingers on the Shure and Patent Pending Logo, the sound in the right channel increases volume to normal, squeezing the edges causes the volume to go completely.

Likewise, trying to push the right channel lead into the joint or apply pressure to the access point and bending the plastic grasp slightly holding the right channel causes the volume to return.

I known the unit is damaged and a judicous wrapping of duck-tape gives a degree of usability (once squeezed or bent backwards the right channel will work normally for an hour but will start to fade there after, much like the Italians again).

Does this thingy in the middle hold any electronics or is it simply a junction point?

Does Shure offer a repair service? The buds are 8 months old, purchased via the USA on eBay but either-way it clear that user muppetry is to blame thus no claim on the guarantee possible)

From experience, headphone leads are no longer a simple 2 core solid wire but pretty colours and lots of thin threads which make a perfect cat toy, so a simple DIY fix is out of the question for me, but is anybody on the forums able to repair a damged pair of e4cs?

Any advice greatly appriciated.


nb. All references to Italians as surrender monkeys are intended


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my e5c were broken when I dropped my laptop on them. I snapped the end stalk off which olds the bud bit.

they were bought from USA via ebay too, 3 months old.

sent them back to shure uk who replaced them out in 3 days, I had to send reciept also.

shure will look after you for "shure" <groan>

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


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Just a follow-up.

After emailing Shure, including the above initial post details, clearly pointing out that it was my fault, referring to prices for repair and accepting I would need to pay as a result of user error. Shure have just confirmed they will replace the broken unit without charge.

You don't expect such customer service, but when it happens it leaves you with a broad smile.

Well Done Shure.



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Shure are great. Just be aware though there is No repair available for earphones (I was told anyway). if they break you chuck em and buy a new pair so when out of warrnaty be careful!

[email protected]

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Shure do in fact cover the lead in their warranty. They have only recently started selling a significant amount of their earbuds to the general public in the UK so will do pretty much anything to keep customers happy.


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Have 3 pairs of Shure earphones and i have to say that their customer service is second to none IMHO. Any one thinking fo buying ear phones should strongly take this into consideration as i very much doubt the likes of Sony et al will offer the same amount of customer service.

Big Big :smashin: to Shure !!!!!!!


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Can't echo this enough I had a pair of E2c headphones, one ear was faint so I returned them (with ebay receipt), they sent me a brand new pair no questions asked with a fresh 2 year warranty, even couriered them next day.

Top quality service.


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Just a follow up.

Not only did Shure send me a replacement set of 'phones, but all the extras too. Extra buds of all sizes, adaptors and a spare case, which is handy to keep all the extras in.

Full thumbs up to Shure :thumbsup:, you have a customer for life.


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