Shrink my PC Destop Tower Case?

Saxo Appeal

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Hi guys,

I have changed my room around, and now looking to move all my PC parts below, into a much smaller PC Case (if possible)

The computer was going to be used for a lot more intensive things, but have just never got around to it.

The CPU is never stressed, and only play games like APB, Sims 4, I also on the odd occasion use Premier Pro, but again nothing too taxing

I keep banging my leg on the case under the desk as it's far too wide, and can't position it anywhere eles, so looking to hopefully downsize the size of it

Can anyone recommend another cool cases which would suit my needs, but still let enough air in?

I will also be looking to remove 2 of the HDD's and only have 1 (preumably the 7200) as I'm fitting a new 4TB SSD and trying to go full SSD.



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So you're looking for a slimmer case, rather than a shorter or less deep case? Is a 10-15cm reduction going to be enough?

Your graphics card appears to be a normal size rather than an oversized one so that's not an issue. The oversized CPU cooler will increase the minimum width a bit though, the traditional 15-16cm wide tower won't fit it.

I assume you want a 5.25" drive bay?

Saxo Appeal

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You know something, I have only used the Bay a handful of times, if I ever do need one there is always external drives I could buy.

So no, there is no need for the bay :)


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Corsair 200R case will probably take most if not all of that lot, it's a standard midi case, tool free and is 12 cm narrower than your current behemoth. I have a couple and I reckon your setup should fit just fine, the cooler fans should fit at the top of the case. Comes with a couple of case fans built in but you can add more.

You'll obviously need to check out the exact dimensions for yourself but it's worth a look if you aren't bothered about not seeing the fancy lighting - though there may be a clear side-panel version too.

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