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Hi Guys,

Might have been done before but just thought i'd do a little survey to find out what imaging software/utilities people were using.

I myself have Adobe Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom 1.3.

I find them great although I still don't know how to use them properly.

Lets see what you have got and what you think of it.



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Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom along with a few others meant for HDR and Focus Stacking - cant remember their names, popular programs though.


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(Mac) Photoshop CS3, Photomatix, Corel Painter Essentials, Corel Painter IX

(PC) Photoshop CS2, FocusFixer, SizeFixer, Portrait Professional, Dynamic-Photo HDR, CombineZM, Genuine Fractals

I also have quite a few plug-ins I use regularly (e.g. LucisArt, LCE, etc.). Some of these only work on PC which is why I've had to keep my CS2 and run it all on Parallels on my Intel Macbook.


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Thanks guys, I'll have a look at some of those, see what they can do for me.
TBH more than likely nothing PS CS and Lightroom that you already have cannot do.
I think it is the investment in time to master them that costs more.
It often amazes me when I pick up any of Scott Kelbys books how little I use the power on tap in Photoshop and even Elements, and Im by no means the "novice" in my circle of aquantances
I think we tend to use them as far as we wish. This probably applies to the Hardware ( Cameras) as well

I have CS3( work) and Lightroom ( very light use so far), but for the last 6 weeks have resolutely stuck to Elements 5 ( despite having 6) and DPP ( Canons Digital RAW software) as well as several plug ins whose origins now escape me ( some trial versions which refuse to expire:rolleyes:)
A lot of the software are now so fully featured that we barely get to know them before they are superseded and after some time you tire of trying to keep up:blush:


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I've been using Elements 5 for about five or six months and Photoshop CS3 since Christmas. Elements is great and I'm really impressed with CS3. I just need to learn to use them a lot better.


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Aperture & CS3. To be honest I barely use CS3 now, wish I'd saved my money, as Aperture does 99% of what I need and what it can't do I could have just used Elements for.


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LOL get your software out for the lads :rotfl:

I'm still using Photoshop7 use Canons DPP and zoombrowser to convert from RAW


I use Photoshop CS3, Lightroom 1.2, Photomatix, Autostitch and Picassa to upload to smugmug.

All that and it still doesnt help :confused:


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Photoshop CS3 Extended, quite at home with and Lightroom that I’m still trying to get my head round.
You don’t think I could really actually take photos’ that good do you?


Lightroom isn't freeware, about £150 from memory.

I go with:

Lightroom - organisation and most editing
Photoshop CS - advanced editing
Noiseware professional - for noise reduction
Vuescan - for scanning from film
Dimage Transfer - for tethered shooting if I'm doing a presentation or workshop


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I use Photoshop CS, illustrator CS, lightroom, and Pixmantic Raw shooter essentials.

I also have FredMiranda Velvia Vision, FredMiranda Intellisharpen, and Noise Ninja as my essential plugins on Photoshop.

I have also a number of presets downloaded and installed in Lightroom.

BTW unfortunately Lightroom is a full commercial program, although I think you can get a trial version.




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LOL get your software out for the lads :rotfl:

I'm still using Photoshop7 use Canons DPP and zoombrowser to convert from RAW

Can't think what you could mean :rolleyes:



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Canon Zoombrowser EX (browsing)
Canon DPP (RAW editing)
Photomatix (HDR merging)
Photoshop CS3 (Editing)


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I use Lightroom for organising and sorting and basic PP, Photoshop CS3 for advanced PP.

I tried Photomatix for HDR work, but found it was fairly flaky on Vista and the results didn't impress me much, so I've dumped it.


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Photoshop CS2, Fireworks 8 for web and Irfan View for viewing. All images are set to open with Irfan View in Windows and if I want to edit them I right-click and select "open with...".


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No but you can try it for 30 days for free.


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:) Def NOT freeware - but there is a 30 day trial available.

for us Mac users out there, Adobe today announced PSE6 for Mac, available in the Spring.


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I use Capture One LE for RAW processing, Picasa2 for jpeg work and resizing, Neat Image for Noise reduction and Autostitch for photo stitching.

All of these are free, although I've been looking at getting Lightroom at some point in the future.

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