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Not sure if this would work or if it has anything to do with cdwow, but here goes:

Recently the BPI have forced CD-WOW (an on-line internet music retailer) to increase it's charges to UK consumers by £2.00, yes that's right two whole pounds per CD, and ONLY for British consumers. Why? Because they want to? Here's what CD-WOW recently sent to its customers:

CD WOW! - An Important Announcement

The UK Major record companies through their mouth piece the BPI have unfortunately restricted the UK and Irish consumers right to enjoy the freedom of the World Wide Web.

As from this weekend, any CD ordered for delivery to the UK and Ireland will incur a surcharge as we are only able to deliver CDs manufactured within the EU (more expensive).

Delivery to the rest of the world will not be affected.

We will of course still be supplying UK and Irish customers but as of Sunday 25th January 2004 a surcharge of £2.00 (3.00 Euros) per CD will apply. ====================

Is there no law to stop an organisation such as this, placing their own BPI-TAX on the purchase of a product from one particular retailer?

I've heard in the past how the British consumer pays more, apparently for a superior product, well this certainly can't be put down to that, as more often than not, the CD's you get from CD-WOW often include extras such as bonus Video-Disc's that the UK version does not include. So is the BPI putting a stop to this too?

I believe so strongly in this that I want to raise my voice and proclaim that the BPI is WRONG. And I want to promote fare competition and the right for a consumer to purchase a product from wherever they choose. I want the BPI-TAX removed, not only for myself, but for the rest of honest music buying British public.

As such WE the British public, need to stand together, and shout a very resounding "NO" !!! So how do we get this message through to the BPI, well;

Forward this e-mail onto everyone you know, as this e-mail needs to reach as many people as possible.

We need to hit the BPI members where it hurts, so for the entire month of February, boycott the purchase of any music CD's, that includes both singles and albums. The aim would be to hear on the News, "No music sales this week".

If you really must buy that album, all I'm saying is simply wait until March.

Then if the BPI still chooses not to listen, we should make a purchase boycott for both April and May. Soon enough they will be forced to take notice, and if not boycott, July, August, and September. And so on.

And now a message to the BPI Members.

Why do you want to punish the honest British consumer? This consumer is your friend, they are not downloading music from the Internet, they are buying an original album, the artist, the producers and the record companies are all getting their cut, so what's the problem? How does this break copyright law as you are claiming? The problem here is the over inflated prices your members want to charge. Why continue the trend of "rip-off Britain", try leading for a change, if you have low enough prices the rest of the world will buy from Britain instead of Britain looking to the rest of the world for a bargain. Don't play un-fair games, play by the rules, and live in the real world. If you want to complete with the likes of CD-WOW, lower your prices, don't force the public to pay your BPI-TAX.

Most people I know would happily purchase original material rather than download it, there's a certain feel good factor in owning the original item. When CD's first came out, they were priced at £10, because they were more expensive to manufacture. But now CD's are known to cost next to nothing to make, and yet the price of the CD has only ever gone up. Take note BPI, fight for the consumer for a change, bring the prices down, and watch how your sales go up, and piracy goes down. I would suspect piracy would virtually disappear and sales would significantly go up, especially if an album cost closer to £5 rather than £10.

BPI open your eyes


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Hi All,

Just received an e-mail from CD-WOW. It says that from now they must apply a £2 surcharge to all music CD orders with a delivery address in the UK and Ireland. Aparently the BPI are insisting that all discs supplied must be sourced within the EU which will make them more expensive. Is this pure greed on the BPI's part or is there some other valid reason?

On past experience of the rip-off UK debate, I suspect it may be greed and if so, is it any wonder people download music illegally? On a personal note, with the prices for CDs on CD-WOW being so good, I'd rather buy the original than download off the Net. This will in all probability put me off buying CDs if this is going to be the BPIs attitude. The only way these guys will understand is when you hit them where it the pocket. Obviously, my little protest won't in any way affect will take a lot more people than just me to do that. The real shame is that a decent supplier like CD-WOW will lose custom.

Just an opinion.



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I completely agree Dumfy!

As the rest of Europe are not affected by this I wonder if
they could route them via another EU country? Just an idea...


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I also agree and have just emailed the BPI telling them that
what they have just done sucks.

I am considering doing something I have never done before, buying all my CD'S from the guy in my local selling the bootleg copies.


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Thanks for agreeing with me.

I don't normally post messages of complaint, but this issue has really got my back up. I am sick to death of being ripped off in the UK in practically all walks of life.....from cash generating speed cameras to the BPI. I think this time it's more prominent and obvious in that the UK/Ireland have been single out. This really should be brought out in the open so that as many people as possible are informed.

It will be nigh on impossible to hit the BPI in the pocket, but how nice it would if people stopped buying CDs for a while.

I think my point has been hightlighted by he fact that Johnmel is contemplating buying bootleg CDs. The BPI in their ignorance, or may be total arrogance are promoting this kind of action




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The words of one chap I saw on BBC 24 last night rang true, I think it was the editor of 'Stuff' magazine.

To paraphrase, "How can any industry that sues or attempts to sue its highest-spending customers expect to survive?"


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i will no longer be buying ANY cds from HMV or Virgin. I will still buy from cd-wow (even with the extra £2 they'll be cheaper than the high street).


Originally posted by Games Guru
To paraphrase, "How can any industry that sues or attempts to sue its highest-spending customers expect to survive?"
They can't. That's been proven time and time again. (check out the history of car companies when Henry Ford started cranking out cars)

Also, would it be possible for a mod to merge some of these threads, as it seems there's a few covering the same topic.

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