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Hi everyone,
I'm a real video geek, and just got a job at Leigh Adam's Home Theater. As far as video goes, I'm doing just fine, but they're still trying to train me on audio and don't seem to have the time to spare...
So, why not use this thread as a place for all your audiophiles to show off. Don't put anything in lamens terms. You'll all benefit from the exchange of knowledge, and I on the otherhand will be a bystander and actually know what I'm talking about when I'm on the floor.
I know brands/models and such... little features here and there, and audio demonstrations are rather easy for me with the limitted knowledge I have... but I just can't sell anything unless I'm sold on it myself-- and unfortunately, the only way I can sell myself on a product, is if I know -everything- about it.
Ok... Go!


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I suspect the reason you have had no replies so far is that this is such a broad subject area.

I would have thought that knowing the fine detail of the specification of a product, featrues and benefits etc. is secondary to how it sounds in action.

If you know which kit sounds good with which music type, once you have an idea of a punter's budget and musical taste it's a case of setting up the demo with kit worth twice the budget and keeping the tea/coffe flowing (not forgetting the chocy bickies) until the credit card is handed over in submission.

Getting a drinks licence would also be a good move. I'd be happy to listen to most kit if I could replicate my domestic environment, so get in some decent red wine as well.

And whilst you're at it, have a hot line to your local Indian takeaway, for those longer demos.:clap:
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