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a fun thread this one.

What do all of you use as demo scenes to show off your system from a visual standpoint:

Some of my suggestions -

Toy Strory 2 intro
"Duel of the Fates" from Star Wars Ep.1
"Pod Race" from Ep.1
Saving Private Ryan - dday landing

Any others??



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I use

Gladiator - Ch 15, battle of Carthage (doesn't everybody) - the tunnel scenes are good to show detail in dark areas

Monsters inc - the fur on the monsters should look so real like you wanna touch it

Jeepers Creepers - Ch 20 (?) 2 mins before the end in the police station hall way - again shows dark scene detail well (or not, pj dependent)

and a few more which I can't remember now.

I'm surprised you mention SPR as I always think my image device is crap then remember it was made to look like it was shot with a handheld camera. Very grainy and as I would expect a 1940's video image to look like. Great for showing off your sound system though and watching your friends wince :D

Just waiting to get my CRT pj all set up and start watching/enjoying that. Another couple of months likely :(


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I think SPR only 'cause it reminds me of the impact it had on me the first time I saw it in the cinema! Like you said more for impact and wince factor - its quite immersing.


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If there was ever a film that convinced me that I would not want to be in the army or go to war then SPR is that film. The first sequence does not seem glorify the carnage (unlike say some vietnam films) at all, you just feel lkie it is frighteningly realistic. I wonder if any WW1 vets have seen it?

Back on topic, animation stuff always looks great - especially on LCD. I really like Bugs Life as there are lots of colourful scenes that look wonderful.

Also some of The Matrix is pretty cool - whatever you think of the film.



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Matrix lobby scene
5th Element Opera then fight scene
Thin Red Line landing scene


My current favorite non-computer generated film for demo purposes is the IMAX documentary film "Super Speedway II". The Dolby and DTS sound tracks are top notch and make heavy use of the surrounds. The photography is stunning. The bigger the screen, the better for this film. I'm showing on a 2.5m wide screen.

Edward Greatrex

Monsters Inc, (which also has a THX optimiser, for those interested) is the latest CG test that gets the ubiquitous thumbs up. Anyone demonstrating a projector or showing theirs off to others without a CG film is just plain crazy if you ask me.

I'm also prone nowadays to using LOTR: FOTR, as it seems to have everything going for it visually, all on one disk.


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A good one for a system test is Star Trek Insurrection (R1), first scene. If you can play this with no stutter and no jaggies then you have got yourself a good setup. There are also some dark scenes to test your black levels. Some dvd players have trouble with this film, mine is a Pioneer 626 (with the emod) and has trouble with both the above.:(


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I have Monsters Inc which scenes are the best and a stupid question what am i looking for?

and 1 more what is the THX optimiser?


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Here's one you might not have tried..for when you tire of showing off the same old scenes.
'Dr Who Theme' from the Orbital DVD.
Wow! Totally over the top visuals and 5.1 surround mix...gets them every time!

Ian Guinan

Edward Greatrex


Sorry, the point I was trying to make is that a CG film, because of it's expanse of colour and clarity of image, is a great way of demonstrating a projector. If you want a particular scene, then 'Morning Workout' (chapter 4) or '23-19!' (chapter 9) are humourous enough on their own and well suited for demoing.

(Incidentally, the menu itself provides a really good image to demonstrate the benefits of a component over s-video connection, as it contains areas where colour bleed is clearly visible and nice straight diagonal lines resplendant with 'jaggies'. Just thought I'd share that.)

The THX optimiser is on the collector's edition under set-up (disk one). Not sure whether it exists on the family edition. Basically, it is a series of tests to help calibrate your TV/projector to a prescribed point of view, but like I said, it's there only if you're interested. These calibration tools are kind of like ice cream; if people tell you that vanilla is the way to have your dessert, then fine, but I'm a choc chip kind of guy and would like to make up my own mind on these things.

Oh, and one final thing - Ian Guinan, this is not the forum to air such liberal views. There is simply no way that you could ever watch a film all the way through without tweaking, it's just not possible.


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Dont worry too much..I'm currently watching my DVD's via HTPC whilst I wait for the multiregion firmware to 'emerge' for my Denon 3800.....I'm therefore doing some 'olympic class' tweaking (if only to get a smooth, non-judder picture which lasts the duration of a whole movie):D

Ian Guinan

Feersum enjinn

Not saying its a good film ...

But charlies Angels where they first meet the weird baddy due and chase him for a fight scene in an alley with thumping soundtrack :)


You have to buy Charlies Angels just for Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore, Cameron for her bum wiggling dance, and Drews scene in the roller. :D


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Originally posted by bob007
You have to buy Charlies Angels just for Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore, Cameron for her bum wiggling dance, and Drews scene in the roller. :D


I am shocked and stunned that a gentleman such as yourself should watch such sleazy material:p

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