Shouldn’t we have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate?


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There's also going to be an issue with what passport for what vaccine. I mean, some EU countries aren't using the AZ vaccine for certain age groups. So will my passport be valid to go to France? Or South Africa?
Will we allow passports for vaccines not approved for use in the UK? So visitors from China or Russia?
And what about vaccines for new variants? If we have to have annual boosters for XYZ variant, how's that going to work or be monitored? It's going to be a can of worms, and the more I think about it, the less I'm inclined to think it's going to be workable.
Not really. WHO approves the vaccine and the certificate and that's it. That's the way is has worked for in the past for Small Pox, Yellow fever, Cholera, etc.

As a citizen you don't have to overthink this.

Before you make plans to visit any country you have to check what the entry requirements are.
If they say your International vaccination certificate will be checked and a Covid 19 jab is required, then you make sure you have one.


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When I had my covid jab last week they gave me a card with a record of the jab. Four fields were filled in by hand. It's credit card size.

Name of vaccine
Batch number
Date vaccine given

Space also for the same details for the 2nd dose. Photo attached is the reverse of the card.


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Yeah, I spotted that interesting bit of text about keeping it in your purse or wallet. Like it or not, this could be the start of a COVID passport.

Enjoy life. Protect yourself. **** everyone else!


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Interesting to see Israel going down this route for some things. (some quality 😷 action in the picture too)

Comments on article suggest it is not law and everyone should ignore it but they are also full of the standard anti Vax nonsense.

To be honest, I am torn on the idea for domestic stuff but am very much in favour of some sort of system for travel purposes. However, if it were me I would be pretty draconian on international travel for the next couple of years either way until the situation settles down globally.
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My dad had his letter through the post 2 days ago and had his first jab yesterday. All very easy and straight forward booking online. The GP called as well to offer an appointment but my dad had already booked by the time they called.

I think the vaccination programme is probably one of not many things we've done really well and can be proud of in this pandemic, probably thanks the nhs having years of experience with other jabs, eg flu jabs every year.

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