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Should you buy? Can I help you decide?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs' started by banjo21, Nov 6, 2004.

  1. banjo21

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    Oct 3, 2004
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    This is a copy of a PM to somebody who like me a couple of weeks ago, wasn't sure if this plasma thing was worth it - short answer is YES, and get the 42" PW6, the rest is as follows. I know this may not give ultimate PQ but it works for me and as the grandmasters say you can always add and refine later......Enjoy the basics first because they are THAT GOOD.

    (yes its a bit of a repeat thread)...

    1. I have the 37PW7 in silver

    2. the set is the same size, total width including case, as my Sony 28" it replaces. The screen is 11" bigger of course but the surround is only 1" thick versus 6". It is NOT big at all and tbh (arrrh) I would go for the 42" knowing what I know now. Missy might not have like it - but 37" is very subtle and will just fit nicely to replace a 28/32" CRT. I'd bet 42" would not be a problem in a 12'x12' room - I promise.

    3. Scart board - honestly I'd just use it. With an untrained eye I see no difference with JS box.

    4. I daisy chain my DVD thru my Sky box and then on to screen.

    I think that black is the new silver - have a look in Currys , all the best looking sets (both CRT and Plasma) now have black surrounds. I ordered black PW7 from AV sales but they said 2 weeks delivery versus 1 on silver - so I got silver. (boys can never wait for their toys).

    If I could do it all again (I am VERY happy as I am though) I'd go for the 42" black PW6. You get the bigger screen, the better colour, the same PQ and save £400 on the PW7 42" or £300 on the PW7 37".

    I'd stick with the 'free' scart board.

    My 37" PW7 + JS converter + stand = £2000
    You could have a better looking 42" for £1700 (42PW6+stand, no converter)
    You would save £300 quid on me and have a better set.

    Do it - you will love it.
  2. M@tt_UK


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    :thumbsup: to banjo21

    Thanks again, great info :)

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