should we keep codes in house

beta keys

  • look after our own

    Votes: 37 88.1%
  • give it to any tom dick or harry

    Votes: 5 11.9%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Im not a big cod fan but i know loads of my mates on here are signs being the obvious one guns,fcz,

if i had a free code it would go to one of these not the fly-by members registering for a code im all for new members coming here but googling beta codes is a bad do imo:nono: so i think we should be a little mindfull who we give beta keys to all my opinion of course but it would be better if we looked after our own



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thats a good shout kop!!

there are alot of guys on here who have been playing together since the cod4 beta and it'd be good if they could continue it onto this version of cod:smashin:

hopefully i'l get one from somewhere tho:rolleyes:


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I thought it was be fairer to be random, sorry if that irks some long time members but I really didn't want to play favourites with anyone.


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I should be coming into an extra code. I'll probably give it to somebody on these forums I know. Although it can be argued that first come first served is a fair way. I'll decide once I get the code.


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I don't really get this whole thanks raffle thing that seems to have become the new trend. Personally if I get codes etc. that I don't want myself I tend to just give them away to people on my friends list or PM them to forum posters I know would like them. Quick, simple, go to people that appreciate them and saves cluttering up the forums with unnecessary threads.


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The only person who should say thanks is the person who gets the code not the bloody legions trying to win it. Its daft.

At least the guy who got the BETA code earlier had the decency to join AVF to express his thanks (before he disappeared forever)


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Couldnt we just create a seperate thread and people who would like a code put your name in list format. Let people give them away that way.

I say this althoughy I'm in need of one.


I thought it was be fairer to be random, sorry if that irks some long time members but I really didn't want to play favourites with anyone.

its not a critisicm im just saying that if you have a beta key give it to members who contribute to the forums not ones who google cod beta keys and end up here and not come back its your code you do what you want with it was just amy opinion matey :smashin:


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All within reason, someone who has made 2 posts and starts a thread asking for a code is a right cheeky so and so. Oli Scott might be onto a winner.....a thread a bit like the Migration Kit one. sit on the list when a "donor" comes up he donates code to next on the list !?!


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I gave a key away just a few minutes ago, my wife picked the winner..

Her first pick was one with 1 post, I instructed her to pick again for obvious reasons..

Can not be fairer than that, the code was legit from my account..


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Let's build some sort of [-]death clock[/-] random number generator that [-]tells you how long you have to live[/-] picks a random AVF member and gives them your [-]stereo[/-] code.

The person that can name the reference gets a code.

Disclaimer - The individual that names the reference gets absolutely nothing. No purchase necessary.


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Definitely keep the codes "in house".

Kind of a "membership has its privileges" kind of a scenario.:smashin:


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yep, 1 more vote for keeping it "in the house". Gave 2 cod4 beta keys away last year. Which i thought of the thanks idea as i just gave mine to the 1st 2 posters.

Oh and if anyone has a know the drill ;)

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