Question Should we accept Sony's replacement TV offer? XF8796 vs XG8396


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Hi all, Thanks for checking out this post.

Last weekend the panel on my partners tv broke and we now have a couple nice white vertical bars on the screen. We contacted Sony who have been really good to be fair to them. We did as they asked with troubleshooting and sending pics, and today they called us with an offer to replace the TV.

My girlfriends TV is a KD-49xf8796 and they have offered a KD-49xg8396 saying that it is same spec or higher (in email), lady on phone claimed it was higher spec but I was skeptical from the product name, and thought the only part sounding higher is the xf vs xg being a 2019 model instead of 2018.

I have tried comparing both TVs on Sony's site and they do seem fairly identically spec'd from what I can see, but I was wondering if I could get any of your input as I'm far from up to date on TV specs.

I see they do currently have a xg8796 model but this comes in a lowest screen size of 55" so wouldn't necessarily expect them to offer that. This newer model also has a improved sound system it seems (Acoustic Multi-Audio ).

I'm just wonder if there is anything missing from the 49xg8396 that she would already have or would be better spec'd in her 49xf8796? Processor etc..?

Thank you all for reading and any responses.
Much Appreciated.



It's the same tv as the XF in the 43 and 49" size. The 55" and higher in the XG series have been equiped with a newer Android TV platform whereas the XG83 series is still on the same as the XF85/XF87 series.


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Thanks for the reply.

Reading that am I right in understanding then, that the 49inch version of the XF87 trickled down to become the XG83, and is the same spec as the XF87 from the previous year but got rebranded as the XG83 series to differentiate it as it only goes up to a maximum panel size of 49" now. Anything 55" and above got some improvements in areas like the speakers and OS and kept the XG87 series branding?

So as you said, it is the same TV but because it's only 49" it's got a new lower branding number, which makes it seem a downgrade when it isn't?

I hope that makes sense to read

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