Should my TH-42PWD6 automatically switch aspects?


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I've been trying to get my TH-42PWD6 to switch aspect ratio automatically but I can't get it to work. I've been using an NTL digital cable box and Pace Twin freeview both plugged directly into the scart board on input 1 but there's no automaic switching.


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Liam, do any of your pannys actually switch? I've never seen it work, I thought it was a 'feature' which had yet to be implemented!! There is no option for scart control in NTL's menu, there is RGB of course. You just have the option of 16:9, 4:3 pan&scan, or letterbox.


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Maximumbaz, I had been told that the aspect ratio switching via SCART on the 6 Series was a bit 'erratic'. You might want to take a look at the sticky 'automatic aspect ratio switching for plasmas' thread at the top. The plasma aspect ratio controller is now available in the Power Buys, and it will work with your display.

One last thing, from what MAW says, it looks like your NTL box should be set to 16:9. Make sure the video out is set to RGB and not S-video, because I don't think pin 8 control is sent with s-video.


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Don't worry, 99% of NTL boxes only do composite (pal) or RGB. If s-video is an option, there will be no RGB option. Widescreen settings will still be there.


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Well, I use NTL with my PW6, hooked up via SCART and the aspect ratio switching works a treat. The NTL box is set to RGB 16:9 and the Panny to Panasonic Auto.

The switching is not erratic at all and works fine when connected via a Trilogy 3 as well as a JS Tech RGB to S-video convertor (on the RGB output)

Baz, try hooking up the NTL directly to the SCART board on the plasma, the Pace Twin freeview may be causing a problem.

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