Should my front and rear high speakers be designated as Heights or Tops (i.e. above for Atmos) in 5.2.4 system?


I moved and have a new HT setup, a drawing and photos of which are attached. The room is too short to have Rear Surrounds far behind me as I did in my other house where I had a 7.2.2 setup so I have opted for a 5.2.4 setup. As one can see in the drawing, I have speakers in a Front High and Rear High position. The front highs are SVS Prime Elevation speakers mounted directly above the FL & FR speakers near the ceiling and pointing down toward the single seat MLP. The Rear High Speakers are mounted in line with the FR/FL & SVS Primes and are also near the ceiling. The rears are Atlantic Technology bi-poles, triangular in shape, pointed towards the ceiling so the sounds bounces off the ceiling and down to the MLP (diffused, but probably hitting a bit forward of my seat). While it might be better to swap out the bi-polar rears for SVS Primes for more directionality, I can’t afford that right now so my question is about this set up as it is.

The room is 12’6” front to back: my chair is 10’ from the screen and front speakers and ~2’4” away from the back wall and rear high speakers. The ceiling is 8’9”.

So, to my question. I have an Onkyo 9.2 receiver and my front high SVS speakers for 5.2.4 are currently designated as Front Heights and my rear highs are currently designated as Rear Heights. What I’m wondering is, for Atmos, etc. whether it would be better to re-designate and re-calibrate the system where the front highs are designated as Top Fronts (i.e. Atmos-y) and the rear highs get designated as either Top Rears or even as Top Middles since they reflect sound from the ceiling to more of a middle than a rear position. Or any combination thereof, perhaps some as Highs, some as Tops.

What do folks think about how to designate the front and rear high near-ceiling speakers? Should they stay as Front and Rear Heights or redesignated as Front and Rear Tops/Atmos? What would the advantage be to redesignate and recalibrate them as Tops rather than Heights?

Of course, I know I can just switch them and listen, but I’d like to hear some ideas about what the different designation/calibrations might do and what to listen for. And whether the rears, if switched to tops, should be called Top Rear or Top Middle. For that matter, should the fronts be Top Fronts or Top Middle since they probably direct sound a bit forward of my MLP.

HT front speakers.jpg
HT rear speakers.jpg
HT w:Primes drawing.jpg
Argh, many choices and thanks in advance for any suggestions and rationale for possible changes.


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I'd leave them as Front and Rear Heights as that's the correct configuration for their current positions.

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