Should it be a plasma or an LCD to go with my sky HD box ?

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Paul Calf

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I have just bought a sky HD box off ebay but apparently you need a HD tele to use it with, i didnt know this otherwise i wouldn`t have bought the box. They never make things easy do they.

I think someone said i need a sky dish as well as my aerial wont fit onto the box, never mind about that bit as i can sort that out later.

I need a hd tele, i can go upto about £250 maybe £300 at a push, it cant be any smaller than 42 inch and it must be a pioneer or a panasonic, if you recommend something else make sure its none of this foriegn rubbish please as i prefer british brands.

Is plasma the way to go or LCD, its all confusing this AV malarkey isn`t it! Any ideas ?


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Paul....I think you're beginning to test peoples' patience with this one now.

There are NO UK made plasmas or LCDs as such,given that all of them use display panels sourced abroad,especially in the price bracket you seem to have in may also have a bit of trouble buying a new 42" panel for the sort of cash you have in mind,and you should consider used.

You might want to look at where both Pioneer and Panasonic are based as neither are "british brands".
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