Should I use the top spikes?


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Will using the top spikes on my SoundStyle Z1 have a positive affect on the sound from my Monitor Audio Silver RX2?

I'm currently using blutack as I'm told this works fine. But part of me thinks the manufacturer of the stands include the top spikes for a good reason. Obviously using them will mark the bottom of my speakers... any thoughts on this?


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The original theory hence purpose of spikes was to form a mechanical `earth', the idea to drain box resonances into the large mass of the floor. With metal being a good conductor of sound energy, It follows then in order to work properly any form of decoupling with an insulating material would prevent the energy transference.

Further mass loading with lead pellets, sand etc aids this process. This is also why using paving slabs is usually beneficial with spiked stands on wooden floors to absorb some of the energy. Best thing to do is give it a go, if you hear a cleaner sound, then stick with it; otherwise stick with the blutack.


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Local hifi dealer told me to ignore the spikes and use blutack. He said it was the 'industry standard'!

I haven't done any experiments myself, until I replace my old speakers it doesn't really seem worthwhile.



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Well, I'm using the spikes now. I think I'm possibly getting a little extra clarity but it's so subtle, could be just in my head. Enough to convince me to stick with the spikes though. The sound is certainly no worse.

PS. I figured dealers would use blutack to save marking the speakers they were demoing.
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I played with both options and they clearly had different effects on sound. I chose blutack but only because in my system it helped to tame an over enthousiastic treble. Well and also because it's a bit safer with a dog walking around :)


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My experience is that there is added resolution when using spikes between the stand and speaker. If you system is very detailed it can make your system sound thin. If you have a robust warm sound it can be an asset. BluTac seems very neutral sonically but at the loss of resolution. Rubber pads on the top of the stand added warmth and bass, while loosing a bit of clarity. I'd experiment w/ different materials until you get the desired sound you like. You are doing the same tuning of your system as you have probably done w/ your electronics. Good luck.

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