Should I use DVI to connect my PC to my Sony HS10 ?


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Dec 31, 2002
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My Spec:
Sony HS10
I'll be connecting to a Radeon 9800XT 256DDR (has DVI connection)

Hi all, my question is:

Should I/Can I use either of the cables suggested in the user manual to connect my PC to the projector ?

SIC- HS30 (signal interface connector)

SMF- 421 (DVI cable)

If anyone could advise what cable to buy and from where (in UK) it would be highly appreciated, I would love to order one today if possible.

I'm not a Sony owner, but AFAIK the HS10 has a standard DVI socket, so a DVI-D to DVI-D cable is all you need .. depending on length of cable you want then a Lindy one will do nicely, I use a 2m one for my PC to my Z2 and Z200.

I don't know what a Sony "signal interface controller" is.
Thanks very much folks for the speedy replies, I'll order one today and post back later with results.

:) :) :)
As you are using a HTPC with the HS10 you will probably want to read up on powerstrip. By using powerstrip you will be able to drive the projector at 1:1 pixel mapping (1368x768) for best quality.

1368x768@56Hz is what I use for R1 disks. This does cause stutter on R2, so I revert to 1280x720@50Hz for R2 titles.


Nice 1, got the DVI-D cable today from Maplin Electronics, looks like I will have to read up on powerstrip as my desktop was locked on 800x600 and slightly oversized the screen area, putting the 'Start' button half off screen.

Thanks for all the advice :).

can you let me have your powerstrip settings for 1280 * 720 @50 - I cant seem to get it to work on my HS20. Also the Sync on Green option seems to be Greyed out in powerstrip, when from the HS20 manual it says you need it to achieve one of the siny presets.


I've been using the settings I found here:-

I've recently been using the 1184x666 settings as this does away with the "overscan" like border that you get with 1280x720.

Here are the details from the above forum:-

The following 1184x666 resolution at 50Hz (good for PAL) is reported by [antorsae] to work well via DVI (using GBR mode on the HS10/HS20):

PowerStrip timing parameters:

Generic timing details for 1184x666:
HFP=160 HSW=56 HBP=256 kHz=37 VFP=30 VSW=6 VBP=46 Hz=50

Linux modeline parameters:
"1184x666" 61.934 1184 1344 1400 1656 666 696 702 748 +hsync +vsync

Some more settings I want to play with:

PowerStrip timing parameters:

Additional refinements submitted by Michael Buenter:
1280x720p (60Hz)=1280,80,72,216,720,5,5,20,74160,2304
1280x720p (50Hz)=1280,488,88,128,720,5,6,19,74400,2310
Ive een on AVS and they confuse the hell out of me.

Where does the Film based 24 fps fit into this.

I only have pal disks so do I use 50hz settings or because this stuff is film based do I use multiples of 24 for the Frequency.

Hi Sneaky,

If you are PAL only I would stick to the 50hz settings. R2 disks are speeded up so that the 24fps becomes 25fps. So the 50hz timings work quite well.

Even if you went to R1 disks the HS10 (along with most fixed panel projectors) is not able to accept multiples of 24hz. So you have to stick with 60Hz or the oddball 56Hz frequency that Sony uses to "trigger" the usage of 1:1 pixel mapping.

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