Should I use a second (old) receiver to achieve 7.2.4?


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I’d like to sense check this plan. I am in the process of building up a 7.2.4 system on a budget using second-hand stuff. I already so far picked up a set of three M&K IW150s (Mk1s) for the fronts and have a set of very old Kef Egg speakers (that I rescued from being thrown away) that I could use for side and rears (major mismatch I know but temporary until budget permits). Also will get for second-hand ceiling speakers for the heights. Just bought a M&K V8 sub as well for a bargain.

Ideally, I would get a Marantz SR-8015 to power them all but I have the amp that came with the Kefs - an old Onkyo TX-SR507 and I was thinking that I could get say, a pre-owned Marantz SR-7015 (half the price of the 8015) to power the lower seven speakers and (using the pre-outs on the Marantz) connect to the Onkyo to power the four heights.

Then when budget permits I could replace the Onkyo with something great to power the front three M&Ks (better for music) and have the Marantz 7015 powering the rest.

Does this make sense as a plan? Any better ideas? Thanks for reading.


Yes you can use a second AV amp. Pre-outs from the main amp to the line in of the second AV amp. Balance the audio. It's is a bit of a faff and you would be better of in my opinion with a standard power amp. That way you can control the volume from the original AV amp. Could very well cost you less than a second hand AV amp.

I'm not well read up on power amps and use a stereo amp with HT by-pass to power my front left and right. That however tends to be an expensive option and is better if you wish to use a stereo amp for music.

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Great thank you. I would be using an AV amp as the second one only as I already have it. I would buy a second-hand amp to act as the primary - the SR-7015 with all the latest bells and whistles.

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