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I currently have my Optoma HD20 back at Optoma being repaired. It has 2 dead pixels and some sort of crack somewhere i think, it looks like a rainbow smear at the bottom of the screen. I am wondering if it would be worth upgrading. I use my PJ for movies and gaming and the HD20 has been amazing (my first PJ) Can someone advise me on a few things please;

1, What is the current equivelent to the HD20 in terms of Launch price/performane?

2, The best PJ at around £1000 - £1500, and how does it compare to HD20?

3, Is there an affordable 1080p 3D PJ, and how do you rate 3D?

Many thanks in advance:thumbsup:


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Don't believe anything has been launched in the last few months in the £1k region.

Therefore the HD20's only real competition would be the Epson TW3200.It is a better pj but only slightly in the visual stakes but a considerable upgrade in the convenience dept.

If the HD20 works in your setup now I doubt it would be worth the upgrade.

Up to £1500 makes no odds really you would have to go £1700 to the Panny AE4000 to see any significant upgrade.If you are prepared to go that high get the JVC HD350 for the biggest jump in performance.

There are no 1080p 3D yet for under £3k so maybe hold onto the HD20 for another 6-12 months as there should be something out by then for £1500 or less.


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Cheers mate, im not overly conviced on the whole 3d thing as it usualy gives me a sore head anyway. Will probably hold on to the hd20 for the time being by the sounds of things. Is there any PJs in the pipeline that look to give plenty bang for the buck?

Cheers for the response bud:smashin:

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