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Hi , I hope someone can give me some advise , I currently have the Panasonic 42px60 plasma and the Sc-ht855 home cinema system.
I am wondering if I should upgarde on either or both , they have both been very good. i have a budget of £1200 I would like to get a bigger scrren size and or seperates for the surround system or if just one item which one and will my current equipment ne okay with the new stuff .
I know its a lot to ask but you can see my dilema lol:thumbsup:


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I upgraded from a PX80 to the V20 and:eek: amazing! PQ is way way better.
You can get a 42'' V20 for about £1000-1100 now, or theres the G20 at £600-650, basically the same set as the V20 PQ wise, though black levels deeper on the V.

Alternatively theres the LGs, PK350 590 and 990, ranging from £500 to about a 1000. The LGs are 50'' and have better SD than the Panasonics though lack the black level of the G20 and V20, have more reflective screens and get a bit more IR.

Not sure about your sound setup, though its worth looking in RS for a good deal. They normaly have great deals on end of line AVs, if your lucky you may get I new model at a good rate, got my Denon 1910 AV with £50 off as I missed the last of the old model.
Maybe get some speakers online or see if any dealers have old stock, got a 5.1 set of elacs from Sound and vision for 200 about a year an a half ago.
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