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Originally I was only going to buy a plasma so i bought essential home cinema mag for a few reviews and theres an article about how much to spend on a complete system, well to cut a long story short the artical said the home cinema experience is 50% picture and 50% sound. My question is should i upgrade my whole system.
I have 36in philips pixel+, Toshiba 330e dvd player and Accoustic energy P5 speakers and decoder
My budget is around £5000 Should I spend £3000 on the Tv and £2000 for amp and small speakers with £300 dvd player.
Will I notice much of a difference from my original setup if so given my budget what system would you recommend.

If I was buying again, I would probably spend £5.5k instead of £8k. I suspect I would go: Pio 433 (or Panny) plasma; RGB to YUV converter, Momitsu (DVI - hooray!), DVDR75 (unfortunately not good enough for DVD playback), Sky+, AX5i, cheap digital audio interconnects, any chunky speaker cable. I have DIY speakers (parts cost £1.2K); you'd have to make your own choice of speakers. My main savings would be on amp and DVD player. I would lose SACD/DVDA capability. Haven't included PC which is also a significant part of my setup.

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