Should I upgrade to 55" SXRD from Tosh?


I've had a Tosh 52WM48 for over a year now and have the chance to take it back for a full refund of £1760. Bearing in mind you can get the Sony for an amazing £1100 now with the stand do you think I should make the move?

Obviously there would be the upheaval of taking back the tosh but (if what I'm reading on here is to be believed) I would be making £660 and getting a newer, superior and slightly bigger set.

My reasons are genuine btw - the set is in a dedicated entertainment room and whilst I suffered from rainbows at the outset, since wearing glasses to read etc I get them even worse now.

I actually prefer the look of the tosh on it's stand to the sony but other than that my concerns are: green blob, screen tilt and convergence issue potential with the SXRD technology. I know this is well documented here but I've looked at 3 sets in the shops now and they've all looked fine. Could it just be that people don't go looking on the internet unless they have a problem?

Advice would be welcomed!:lease:


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My dad`s got your Toshiba and I`ve got the Sony 55 SXRD & to me the Sony is miles better particularly on HD (although the Tosh is possibly slightly better on SD).

If you can get all your money back on the Tosh it`s a no brainer!!
I don`t how you managed that ?? as I wish I could do the same on the Sony as it`s halved in price in the few months I`ve had it !!

You really are in a fantastic position as you`ll have a bigger, better set & basically for free if you consider you could almost by a 2nd sony with the change left over !!

I Agree with you about the stand though (looks rubbish as is made for the U.S. 60 ") , I threw it away and replaced with a fabulous glass stand (Ex Sony 500 quid reduced to 75 !! Brand new ) from e bay and it looks stunning. Could send you photo/e bay link if required.


Hi Glen,

Thanks a lot for that, really really useful info and just what I was after!

I thought it was a no brainer and went ahead - full refund (Costco) with moments to spare ringing Digico to order my sony for £1095 inc VAT and delivery. That means £665 in my back pocket to boot!

Have you had any of the common issues with your Sony?

That link to where you got your stand would be spot on please. Just got to wait until wednesday for the sony to come! At least I'm in Germany till Tues evening so that'll take my mind of it a bit.


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Not great photos but it looks much better in the flesh and is beautifully made and really solid, weighs 15 stone !! The glass is really thick float glass & is great.

I don`t know how to post an e bay link but the item no. is 170098291626. Not sure how many they`ve got left but was tempted to buy them all & sell at a profit as originally 500 pounds, but can`t really be bothered for a few quid & hopefully you can grab one.

As for the set I`ve had none of the issues mentioned at all, other than watching it too much !! It`s a great set at the 1850 I paid & an absolute steal at a 1000 whatever, you`ll love it.

With the change you`ve made, make sure you get a PS3 if you haven`t got one as this set was made for it, enjoy !!


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^ Glen that looks great! :eek: That's a good find. Does your Pioneer AX10 amp not fit on the bottom shelf? I have an AX10Ai and am wondering if it can be accomodated


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Afraid not & is a real bummer !! :mad: :mad: It`s the only downside as I love my AX10ais (you can see it on top of the sub). I thought it would be tight and wasn`t kidding as the gap is 200mm and the amp is 210mm (approx). I could unscrew the cast iron plinth which this version of AX10 has, but am not prepared to bugger about with it.

Mind you the stand is so nice and the quality is really high so i`m going to sell the amp and am using Sony 1200ES from my bedroom set up for now.

I`m going to look at seperate pre/power amps and am thinking of Arcam AV9/P7 as this will fit, but read another post where someone switching from AX10 to another pre/power combo regretted it as AX10 is so bloody good, so don`t know yet.

Mind you the Pioneer is missing the latest video / hdmi etc. so that will be some compensation but all that`s irrelevant if the sounds not as good so ??


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Thanks for the compliment by the way No1Jon, certainly is a big improvement on the supplied misfitting stand. I looked for ages to find something suitable for this big TV and almost ordered a 900 quid unit from Spectral & then saw this for 75 :thumbsup:


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I thought it would be tight and wasn`t kidding as the gap is 200mm and the amp is 210mm (approx)

Gutted! the logistics of upgrading is starting to get quite prohibiting! I've been having fantasies about all kinds of hifi and home cinema upgrades but the higher you climb up the electronical food chain the more space you need :suicide:


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Not great photos but it looks much better in the flesh and is beautifully made and really solid, weighs 15 stone !! The glass is really thick float glass & is great.

That is a great stand someone who did'nt know better may think its a flat screen, the photo's angle and lighting don't show the depth...

A bargain for that price...


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That stand that you have, I don't suppose you know how far is it off the ground? It looks quite shallow. Does it honestly weigh 15 stone? Seems V heavy.



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Sorry HSH am away from home at the minute so can only be approx`.... I think bottom shelf is about 75mm from the floor and the gap between shelves is 200mm, so yes it`s low level but is also 1650mm long so you can get a lot on it.

The weight is possibly even more than 15st as the glass is really thick & heavy and the TV sits on an iron plate !! I had to have it collected & needed 2 people to shift it, but it`s well worth it as is a really nicely made stand.

Can`t recommend it enough :thumbsup:

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