should I upgrade my Strata III?


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Jul 23, 2003
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oh dear, just when I thought I was happy with my set-up..

I've seen a few Stentor IIs going for £700ish and it started me wondering about whether to upgrade my Strata or not.. 20hz really isn't that low is it.. not when you can have 12 hz!

someone convince me one way or another? I'm not addicted... I'm not.....

and Storm IIIs are selling new for £699 these days...
Originally posted by chrisgeary
someone convince me one way or another? I'm not addicted... I'm not

Don't even think about spending £700 on a Stentor 2 without devoting a few hours to a trip up to the Midlands to hear what less money than that buys you from SVS

The step up from Storm III to SVS for me was huge
what's up in the midlands?

I listen to music and movies 50/50.. will an SVS still treat music with the gentle hand of a REL? Which SVS should I be considering? I typically listen to music at -20db and movies at -10db. I have large mains so would be looking for the sub to augment them below 30hz only. I have a BFD too. Would the model to consider be available s/h?
Originally posted by chrisgeary
what's up in the midlands?

Me and my SVS 29-39 PC Plus

Any well designed sub should cope with music as well as movies equally well and the SVS is a well designed sub but the downside is that most of the compromises made in subwoofers are to make the thing smaller. The SVS is 39" high but the footprint is only 16" and can be kept in it's stock tune of 20Hz or one port blocked to retune down to 16Hz

The current costs are from £650 to £700 depending on which airport it comes in via but I think that they may be too new to forum members to start filtering through the second market unless people want to upgrade to the PB2 Plus
Originally posted by chrisgeary
20hz really isn't that low is it.. not when you can have 12 hz!

I very much doubt the Stentor even gets close to 12hz....
It's spec says it goes to 12hz at -6dB.
Why doesn't everyone just use the +/-3dB standard - its far more useful as output at -6dB has half the acoustic energy than 0dB meaning its around half as loud!
ian: i just wanted to thank you for your kind offer, which i may, someday, take you up on. i've been giving this whole thread some thought over the last week or two and decided that my credit cards are really starting to burn a hole in my pocket so i should probably stop upgrading AV for a while. at least for a month or two :D

just really wanted to say thanks for your kind offer!



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