should i upgrade my scart


i currently have a pioneer dv350 dvd player and a panasonic 32" widescreen tv which is a 50 hertz screen.
i am thinking of getting a better scart cable but was wondering would it be worth it considering most of my equipment is at the budget end.
the scart i am currently using was supplied by rs when i bought the dvd player. it was one of there shop brands that they sold me, i think it`s a cambridge scart, cost about 40 euro`s.
is it worth my while going for a more expensive make? i only need it for picture quality as sound is run through receiver and speakers.
if it is worth investing in a better cable any suggestion?



I've got a Tosh 220e and some Sanyo tv and, get this, I use a scart lead that cost me €2-50!!! I was going to buy a gold plated one for €17 but my friend said to try the cheap one and see how you get on. What's the worst that could happen? And now that I see no problems, I have kept with it and am delighted.

In answer to your query though, I don't know, but I've had no problems with my cheap one.


i know that cheap scarts give adequate picture. what i want to know is it worth my while buying a better and more expensive scart,considering the equipment i have?
if i will see an improvement in the picture quality i will pay the money for a higher end lead, but don`t want to splash out if the difference will be negligable.


Can you get RS to lend you a few scarts to try out? Only you will be able to tell if it makes a diff on your equipment. Other peoples opinions matter little if you can't see a difference.


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I'm currently using a QED Squart fully wired and the picture is very good from my pioneer 656A and sky digibox looptrough (RGB).

The scart that came with my digibox was of reasonable quality and gave a good picture, but i was taken in by the look of the QED Squart and bought one of those to try and see if it would look any better.

The result is no, the cheap scart looks just as good on my 25" Sony as the expensive QED one. You may See more benefit as your screen is larger altjough don't expect to be blown away.

As you aren't using the sound via scart you could get an RGB wired scart only to minimise signal noise (if you are using RGB)

Out of interest i also have an audioquest x scart 1 metre but am not using it as the cable diameter is too large and unflexible making it come loose in the sockets. Anyone else have one of these thick beasts

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