should i upgrade my centre speaker?


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Ok I’ve tried turning off the center again in a more dialogue movie. Pretty obvious diff. Without the center. The voice sounds so much more solid n clean. Makes me wonder if I get a better quality center will it b even better? Hmmm . My guy give me a 3 days return policy. So I’ll prob bring the goldenear reference home to give it a try. Someone mention the only time we can tell the diff between have 3 same speakers and diff brands is when we play music/gaming. Not sure if it’s true

I don´t think you need to spend that much (1700$) as you mentioned just wanting clear dialogue no specific requirements and i would choose something other than Goldenear brand, but each to their own. If it sounds good now then why not give it a few weeks so you get more used to it and see do you miss the center channel. If not then save your money to something else.
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