Should I upgrade my AVR280 to a AVR400 or Buy an oppo BDP-93


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I was wondering if it is worth updating my AVR280 to a AVR400 (using the current upgrade promotion) or just go with the oppo BDP-93.

I currently do not use the AVR400 HDMI inputs. I use the digital connections on my PS3 and Cable box to the AVR280. Then I run the HDMI cable from my PS3 to my 3D Sony TV.

The oppo would be the cheaper route as i would use the HDMI to my AVR280 then the extra HDMI to my tv.

Would I get a much better performance with the AVR400? I did buy the AVR400 (has not arrived yet) but then started to do some reseach and found the oppo 93.

I also bought the irDock on sale - I can use that on either the AVR280 or the AVR400. The AVR400 has the port so I can see the screen on the reciever.

For some reason if I get the AVR400, I still want to get the oppo deck. Most of my movies are not blu-ray and I would use it as my CD player as I decided to remove the old 400 disc changer (i hardly play CDs anymore).

Any thoughts of the AVR280 vs AVR400 vs oppo93?

For reference my spearkers are the B&W CDM NT (front and center). I have the fronts Bi-Amped. I also have B&W surrounds in my ceiling (they are the round ones, not sure of model number) It is a 5.1 system.



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Which route you go depends on what you're trying to achieve, mostly because they not directly comparable.

If your goal is playing BD films with basic access to HD audio content at the lowest cost, then the Oppo BDP-93 + analogue outputs route is the way to go. If full function BD replay is your target, then the AVR 400 is the path to take, with HDMI from the PS3 unversal player. Whether you'd also want to get an Oppo BDP-93 would depend on its performance relative to using the PS3.

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