Should I upgrade from YammieAX750 to Yammie3067?


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Hi this is my first post, and I have probably a simple question...

I am looking to upgrade my amp (Yamaha DSP AX750SE, around 6 years old), as I don't think I am getting the most from my speakers, and may appreciate some of the bells and whistles.

Set up:
- Fronts - Quad 22L2s
- Centre - Quad centre (orig)
- Rear - Quad 11Ls (orig)
- Projector - JVC
- PS3
- DVD player - 2910

My room is about 13'*12'.

I am very interested in getting the best SQ I can, and wouldn't mind something quirky, and had been eyeing up an Anthem MRX300.
However, I am also interested in bang for buck (rather than just budget), and having reviewed recent threads here the Yamaha 3067 at its current price point seems heavily favoured my many posters.

Realistically, I don't have the opportunity to audition contenders. So my questions are:

- am I likely to notice a difference in the SQ between the 750 and the 3067?
- is the 3067 overkill for my speakers and room size?
- might i be missing out on something special by ignoring the likes of Anthem, Arcam, Nad?

Whilst I would enjoy HDMI video processing, iPhone integration, and HD sound, if the overall impact on SQ won't be noticeable, I can probably put my cash in the bank for now (along with my upgraditis).

Thanks for your views on this.
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Hi knowledgeable people
Does anyone know the answer to my questions?
I am ready to spend on a frequently recommended Amp on here, but dont really know if it will be a SQ upgrade. I cant audition, so would value some perspective from anyone who might know the difference.
Thanks, tildaseb:thumbsup:


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The RX-V3067 should be a considerable step up and will obviously offer you a host of new features and convenience.

How much of an increase in SQ will come down your own ears. Sorry but no-one will know how much of a difference you will experience. If nothing else, you should hopefully notice improvements with HD audio soundtracks. Don't get me wrong, they're not all 'night and day' in comparison to the old formats but the difference is certainly there.

The RX-V3067 will be fine with your speakers and should handle a upgrade or two should you decide to change them in the future.

As for the comparison with Nad, Anthem and Arcam, do a search in the owners threads. Hopefully some people there will have demo'd and give you some indication of why they bought what they did. There is nothing wrong with the mainstream Japanese stuff by the way! However, don't expect anything other than an Arcam tinted view in the Arcam owners forum. They're very, very brand loyal. I personally wouldn't buy an Arcam until they sort all the bugs out (they may well have now) as their recent AVRs have suffered with all sorts, which shouldn't of happened with products on release. Whilst I'm sure the Anthem kit sound amazing, it sure is ugly. (Apologies to Anthem owners there ;) ). I haven't looked at what Nad has offered in ages. I went with my Yamaha as I needed HDMI features and the price was right and I'm glad I did.


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Hi Davepuma
Thanks for giving me your thoughts on this. Its difficult to find someone who has a view on both sides of the AV coin; and like you say, people will always back their own decisions.

You have definitely encouraged me towards an upgrade!
Thanks, tildaseb


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I went from a Yam 765 to a 2067, and the new kit definitely sounds way better.. of course, it's inspired me to go buy some new speakers, so I'm not suggesting it's always a good idea :)


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Thanks Gbone
Looks like I need to get my upgrade gloves on and wallet out!

Appreciate you giving me the benefit of your experience!

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