Should I upgrade from Samsung KS7000?


Hi all!

New to the forum and after some advice :) Have had this TV (UE55KS7000) for about almost 5 years now and been happy with it. Still working perfectly and have since added a Sonos beam and two surrounds to it.

Was thinking of possibly upgrading the TV to a 65". Slightly reluctant since this one still works fine for all my needs, and I'm not sure the technology has moved on significantly enough to justify it, but my knowledge here is also limited, so turning to your collective wisdom!

Is an upgrade worth it? I see no point in 8k given lack of content for some time, and I'm not sure OLED is worth the price difference either having seen them in store. Is there other tech now that's worth looking at/upgrading for (or am I just wrong about OLED, given my experience is just a few minutes in store)? I've read a bit online and one of the advantages seems to be darker blacks, which I rarely notice to be honest.

Would replacing a fully functioning TV give me a substantial enough upgrade to warrant the cost/hassle of disposing of current TV, or am I better off waiting until tech improves further/this TV breaks down?

Primary use is general TV watching on Netflix, Prime etc. (no terrestrial TV) and gaming on the PS5, with the occasional movie on those streams/DVDs.


Worth it if you go up to a 65" and go for a higher end model today, be that OLED or LCD.
Pro or Enthusiast here:

What will improve with a new TV from pro or enthusiast?
HDR picture quality.
Viewing angles.
Performance in darker conditions.
In the case of OLED, less motion blur.

What won't be consistently better, and with lower resolution content may be worse on a larger TV:
SDR picture quality...shouldn't matter so much with your usage.

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