Should I try and swap my Panny TX28PB50 for the 32" version ??


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I know the answer is going to be yes !!

The longer I have the 28" the more the geometry is starting to bug me. I don't think there is a vertical line on the TV that is straight. The top of the screen bends to the left and I am getting a slight bow effect on Sky banners.
I thought I could live with all this but now it's really starting to bug me.

I am getting an engineer sent out over the next few days and if he can't fix it then I may try and get it swapped.

Should I swap it for the 32" version (£300 dearer) as I don't think it has as many problems ?



We meet again!

I've just updated the other thread saying I'll post my settings tomorrow (thurs 24).

As for this thread, you know my opinion, I'm still happy with my 32" (ooer) & it looks like I'll keep it - although I think i'll have to give the service menu a little tweak :devil:.
I did take some photo's of the geometry on my 28", & if I could manage to upload them somewhere, I would, as I think they would cheer you up no end. They really were appalling, although I did manage to improve them a bit. Another problem I had was the overall picture quality - I had to have the colour set to almost full to make it look anything like - it was best illustrated by using the picture and picture setting, showing the 2 images side by side, and then tuning both pictures to the same channel. The difference in picture quality between the 2 was amazing, and of course, the primary picture was the dud :rolleyes: . This was the same on all 3 sets I had - what is it like on yours? On the 32" both images look the same.

BTW, Empire are doing the 32" for £999 + delivery - cheapest I've seen it at.

As I said, I'll post my settings & you can see what you think.



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Hi Orson, thanks for the reply.

I have only had the occasional play with the PAP's :eek: and the main picture wasn't as good as the 2nd one. I am more bothered about the bad geometry. I have had a little tweak with the service menu but I can never seem to get it right so I have now put it back to how it was.
Empire Direct are going to send an engineer out shortly but they said he wasn't a "Panasonic" engineer - just a local one. So I ain't too confident.
I will be curious to see your settings compared with mine because I am amazed that Panasonic put my TV out set up the way it was. Were the settings the same on all 3 of your tellys ?

It's a shame coz its a nice neat TV with great sound that solves the problem of surround sound if you want your TV to sit in the corner of your room.



Better late than never.......

Thought I'd put the settings here as this is your thread.

I've got the settings for 2 sets, which are more or less the same. Where there are differences, I've shown the second set in brackets. Here goes:

H-POS 110
V-POS 85 ( 58)
H-AMP 48 ( 56)
V-AMP 128 (127)
Parabola 34 ( 36)
Trapezoid 125
H-Parallel 10
V-Linear 34
Top Corner 20
Bottom Corner 20
VS Correct 11
C Correct 7
DAF Phase 195

HIGH 0143 0118 0128
LOW 0278 0342 0384

Sub-Bright 156
Video Gain2 167 (202)

There you go. What i havn't done yet is have a look at the settings on the 32", so there's something for the weekend for me :D

Let me know how you get on.

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