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Should i trust reviews or my eyes?


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Ok here is the thing. I was looking for a new TV to replace my old Samsung 720p TV. Before I went searching the stores, first I've checked some reviews online for this 2 TV's:


Panasonic plasma has really good reviews, everybody was saying that this models has awesome black level,natural colors etc etc.
On the other hand Philips has a lot of negative reviews.

So I went to the biggest store in my city to see if i can find panasonic plasma TV. Luckily this two models were displayed next to each other so I asked store salesman to play some blu ray movie so i can see the picture quality on both TV's.

He played some movie and I was really surprised to see Philips's picture quality. It was soooo much better then Panasonic. I mean picture was crystal clear, colors were vibrant and accurate.....it was perfect.
Panasonic looked like ****. Bad, washed out colors and picture was not that sharp (looked like DVD movie not blu ray).
What the hell? I don't get it why everybody is giving positive scores to panasonic over philips when I could clearly see the opposite?

Keep in my I was comparing this two models.


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Is your house as bright as a this big store? Unfortunately for plasmas those bright conditions seem to suit LCD/LED panels, however in the long term, at home, with your moderate to dark lighting conditions I know which one I'd go for. The Plasma every time, personally.


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One thing to bear in mind is the way tvs are set up in shops under bright display lighting with vivid colour settings.

But it's also worth accepting that plasma (Panasonic) and LCD (Philips) do produce pictures that look different. Plasma tends to be (IMHO) smooth, understated, reputed to have monster black levels etc, whereas LCD is good for being pin sharp so that you can see all the faces sitting in the crowd in High Def football

Now, to be honest, I'm an LCD guy myself. I like pin sharp. And my current LCD has blacks as black as solid black.

But one thing I would say to you is that everyone has his own personal view of what looks like the picture to go for. No two folk are the same regarding what does the business for them

Take your time, look at loads. Spend a day in somewhere like John Lewis where they are all there, set up side by side, with the remotes so you can fiddle to your heart's content

And then pick the one YOU like, regardless of the reviews


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Depends on the reviews, AVForums and HDTVTest are good for reference, the show exactly what a TV can do. You should always look for yourself though and get what you like, though as said you need to bare in mind the environment you view plasmas in. Also a salesperson may be giving the wrong information to get a sale, this is where places like this come in, being a member on here gives you access to some very knowledgeable experts, make use of it.

Plasma all the way for me deep and uniform blacks(without loosing detail), natural pic, with no motion blur or lag. Each to their own.:)


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In general, who is going to be looking at your TV? The reviewers or your eyes?

The thing to consider, as others have said, is that stores are not generally comparable to what your home will be like and also, given you went to the "largest store in my city", stores can be very bad at setting TVs up. Currys certainly 90% of the time would set brightness, contrast etc all to 100% rather than what is best for each set.

I would suggest going to a more highly skilled store rather than simply the largest and having a look there but then starts the moral question of if your willing to pay the premium they charge or use their expertise and buy else where


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Never trust a high street store.
If they're getting a bigger profit/more commission from Brand-X than Brand-Y then they'll put (or at least leave it in "Super Display" mode) Brand-X in VIVID with very high contrast and brightness to attract the mouth breathers.
The picture will "Pop" out at you - it's crap, but Hey Ho, a sales a sale....
Try to see the same 2 TV's at least reasonably set up, or try to get them to adjust the pictures to a reasonable level before comparing. Then consider that you won't REALLY be watching TV in a 1200 lumens per square metre environment at home.
Of course, some people like to watch their TV in Day Glo vision, and 3:4 stretched to fill 16:9 screens, and you can't argue with that either. :)

Sorry to sound so negative, but I've just got back from seeing a friends brand new LED TV, which he and his wife think is the Bees Knees, and all I could do was sit in horror at what they thought was a good picture. Not the TV's fault - just the way they had it set up, but they liked it. Anything in shadow was black (well, dark grey) with no detail at all. Horrible, but no doubt impressive in a showroom.

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