Should I take the plunge?


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Okay, after reading about the unrealiability of the 360 machine you'd think that would be enough to put me off buying one but no I REALLY want one. I originally thought of gettting a PS3 but looking at the reviews the xbox games seem better (Yes, I know xbox have more games).

Are the newer models any more reliable? What is the chance of mine breaking down, I read somewhere 44.4%? Should I buy from a shop so if it does break they will swap it there and then? Or, should I wait until microsoft fix the fault and then buy one?


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Mine is a launch machine and "touch wood" it's still working. But the horror stories I've been hearing are pretty scary and I'm not surprised you been put off.

The thing is there is a good chance they will break hence why MS has given it a 3 year "red light of death" fix.

But when it comes down it, sod it! Its the best console of this generation :smashin:


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According to ms they are more reliable they have also added a 3 year warranty for the result of these failures reason so i wouldnt worry about it..

The games available already and coming out this year far outweigh any reason not to buy:)


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I got a Launch 360 and I've had no problems whatsoever whereas my Mate who was stood next in line to me has sent his back for repair twice, if he hadn't been as polite I'd have got his machine:D I know 2 other people who have a 360 and they have both had to send their's back too so MS seem to have a huge problem with these things overheating but It doesn't bother me cos it's by far the best console in this current gen. Buy one and don't worry about it busting.


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same her launch model,no problems what so ever.


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Just go and buy one :smashin:

Okay... I will. Bioshock looks too good not to buy one.

I might become another owner of a large paperweight in a few months time but I can always get a replacement and another and another............

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