Should I sell complete or split?


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Bit of a dilemma I have here folks. My PC has been built up over time to what it is now, a bit like 'Trigger's Brush' in Only Fools. It's the same as I bought it years ago, but with four new handles and six new heads!
Anyway a change in direction workwise means I no longer need the spec I'm running and I'm wondering what to do, sell complete or sell split in view of downgrading parts to something more 'family orientated' (sorry couldn't think of better way to describe!).
Spec as follows........

Intel Quad 6600 2.4gHz
ASUS Commando Board
500GB Samsung HD501LG HD
4 X 1Gb DDR2 RAM (matched pairs)
nVidia 8800 Ultra
Creative Xtreme Gamer Sound Card
Samsung SH-S203 CDDVDW
Samsung SH-163B DVD-ROM
VIA 6421 SATA Chipset
Antec P180 Case

I'm not altogether sure which way would see me best, so any advice would be much app. Especially ifanyone has a roundabout realistic value for the lot as it stands.
Many thanks....:thumbsup:

Theydon Bois

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Very nicely spec'd machine - trouble is, its second hand, you will sell it for 50-75% of its value to replace it with something that is new, but lesser spec'd. What do you gain by it?


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Very nicely spec'd machine - trouble is, its second hand, you will sell it for 50-75% of its value to replace it with something that is new, but lesser spec'd. What do you gain by it?

I'm not arguing your point one bit, believe me, but there's greater powers at work here! My beloved Wife has her sights firmly locked on to a Media Centre PC, you know the sort, Micro ATX:suicide: case etc. As I don't need the PC as such no more workwise (I've consoles for gaming) I suppose my real motives are to see if I could fund one AND come out with a few quid.
In all fairness nowadays I only use PC to see how much more money these forums can cost me in the classifieds!!!!:eek: The kids stuff is hardly demanding on this set up, nor is my Wife's auction site addiction.
I think the phrase, 'wanting cake and eating it' sums up my 'dilemma'!

And no..... I'm not ashamed....:rotfl:


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You'll probably get more if you can manage to sell all the bits separately 2nd hand, but there's a chance you'll be left with some of it that won't shift quickly.

It's a good spec and it's in a good quality case as well so you should hopefully be able to sell it as an entire system without too much hassle. I'd think the already mentioned figure of £700 should be a decent target as well.


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Cheers Guys, for my sins I've checked up on selling prices on the not to be mentioned auction site.......... If these complete set-ups are genuine on offer, my God we're all in trouble!
Similar to my set up which cost me the shirt off my back and seven Grandmothers they're available for comparatively peanuts. Where the hell are they being sourced from?

I'm thinking there's more than one Artic missing its rear doors and stuffs falling off the back like there's no tomorrow. Complete systems ready built for LESS than what it'd cost to buy in bits and build yourself!

Seems the only thing which I've got which holds any serious value is the GFX card. It's opened my eyes to say the least, I reckon even screwing down on prices in the AV classifieds you'd struggle to match these 'new' systems building 2nd hand?

I'm sorry to sound cynical and mean no offence, if by chance a seller were to read this, but surely there's a catch?

Like it won't turn up?:devil:(sorry, cynical me again!)


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I know what you mean, PC component prices / system value plummets in very little time. The 8800 Ultra is still worth a bit right now but that value won't last too much longer as the next round of cards aren't too far away.
I bought a 3870X2 a few months ago for what was a decent price of £276 and I've seen them going 2nd hand for under £200 now.

Trade price for components is better than what we consumers get at retail, so if we ignore reduced prices due to bulk ordering, that's how system builders often manage to undercut the cost of building your own.

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