Should i request a replacement for one dead pixel

D J C 197

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Alot of you will have seen my other post re my dead/stuck pixel.

My TV was delivered on Monday from tvandvideodirect. Should i say I'm not happy with it becaue of my dodgy pixel. I understand i can request it is returned/replaced under the distance sellings regs.

What would you do?

Am i being over fussy?

Your comments and opinions would be greatly appreciated.



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It depends on where it is and what it costs to return.

I think that you have to pay the return shipping costs under dstance selling since the display is unlikely to be classed as faulty. It is unlikely that you can use the same source to buy the same item so you may also be forced to go elsewhere at a greater cost.

If it was a bright pixel around the center I would probably say return it. Otherwise, kick youself that you ever checked for dead pixels in the first place.

D J C 197

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Its in a good place, if there is such a thing.

Its about 1" up a 2" from the left bottom corner so its well out of the way.

I .

If the above is the screen, then the dead/stuck pixel is where the little dot is.

Hope you like my little picture. Could get the line on the right side :D


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I miss Pong.

Anyway, to stay on topic, do you guys recommend *avoid checking* or *check and try to return*?

I mean, if you don't see it, can't hurt you... But at the same time, we only have a week to return it, so we should check as soon as we plug it in the first time.

What a dilemma.

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yea i hate this situation, i hate dead/stuck pixels, they aren't normal nomatter what anyone says, im seriously considering ringing up an online retailer and asking if i can check my tv before i buy it. most will prob say no (Currys said no lol :rolleyes: ) but im hoping if i offer them a tenner for their troubles they will go for it, id hate to buy a tv with a dead pixel.

someone should make a sticky topic about where people have bought their tv from, if it had and dead pixels and if the company was ok at replacing it. it would be a really handy topic to have

I rang tv and video direct yesterday and they said it would take lots of pixels (unless clustered next to each other in the centre) to warrant a return, he was even fobbing me off saying he has a dead pixel on his phone but cant see it..... well how do you know you got a dead pixel then? :rolleyes:

Doctor Hades

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Well when you buy goods they should be received in 100% perfect working condition right?

So if a 1366x768 TV has one dead pixel, whether it's noticeable or not, then that means that the screen is only in 99.999999% working condition and you have every right to have it replaced! :D

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