Should i replace my telewest digtal box with a PVR box??


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Jul 29, 2005
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You'll have to excuse the basic questions, as i am looking into possibly getting a PVR following the recent purchase of an LCD/AMP/7.1 Speakers etc. and reading the previous posts on the Humax PVR9200T i would be looking to replace my current telewest box with one of them.

I currently have telewest digital TV at home and am interest to know if i can get rid of telewest and look at a suitable replacement giving me PVR functions, without going to the expense of something like SKY+.

I know the 9200T has a built in Freeview tuner, but what if i wanted more channels!! (and i am not interest in Top Up TV). In other words, a similar tv package to the one i get from telewest (currently on the essential package
Do i have to invest in further equipment such as a sat dish, etc?

Or would i just keep the telewest digital box and somehow connect it to the PVR?

And to finish with - a cheeky question - How would i be able to get channels from abroad such as the ones that show the premiership footy on Saturday and Sunday afternoons (just like on holiday!!). Walked into a boozer Sunday afternoon and was gobsmacked to see they had the Villa on (from an Arabic channel, i believe).

Cheers for any advise you can offer.

PVRs of this type an only record Freeview terrestrial/digital broadcasts; nothing else.
To keep the amount of channels you currently have you only have 2 choices - cable or Sky.
Telewest/cable currently don't have any PVR's, but Telewest are due to release a 3 tuner PVT either later this year or early next. Your only other choice on cable is to get a TiVo as none of the Freeview PVR's can accept an input from an external STB. You could always get a DVD recorder (with or without a HDD) and use that for recordings, but most of them don't offer an EPG and the features offered will be few and far between compared to the 'soon to be released' TW PVR or Sky+/TiVo etc. It really depends on wheather you want a PVR or just a digital recorder.

To pick up foreign TV channels you will need to get non-Sky sat dish and STB (Sky STB's are locked to only work with Sky channels). I suggest you pick up a mag or 2 to see exactly what channels are available - some will be free to air and others subscription only.


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